R1 put out power wise?


What does the crossplane r1 put out power wise, I’ve heard as little as 130s ?

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  1. I think it’s in the 150’s atleast?

  2. 150 at rear wheel standard, 155-160 rear wheel with exhaust, decat and flash / mapping. Real world figures – not pub BS.

  3. My 19 year old r1 is 135rwhp so I’m sure it’s a lot more than 130

  4. That’s what I was wondering, I’ve done a lot of research. A mate said they are hit and miss regarding power output. Due to the motor.

    I’m debating one I like the look and sound. Had a 10 gsxr 1000 that was stupid fast. And my previous r1 was a good bike.

  5. Also are the 2012 worth all that extra money to have the luxury of traction ?

  6. I would have put them around 160-170, but been a while since I dyno’d one, my 4xv race bike has 148 at the back wheel with not too many modifications

  7. They are lower power supposedly than the gen before but mainly due to the cross plane configuration which ultimately boosted torque

  8. My 14b is 176bhp. Slightly tuned

  9. Mine was 179 with kit loom and ecu, full superbike exhaust but stock motor

  10. I ride with a bmw s1000rr a Ducati 1199 a Kawasaki zx10 and my 2014 r1 gives them hell so I can’t see truth in that somehow

  11. Mines mapped to about 170 ish

  12. Thanks for the info gents.

  13. 160, 170 if it’s sorted, don’t believe idiots who say 200. Even the 15+ doesn’t put that out

  14. To cut story short,the only realistic dyno’s are privately used by race teams.Rest of them is set just to make you happy,after work is done on your bike!!,To answer your question,162 rwhp on standard engine,with exhaust,flushing…Do,what you like,you are not geting 175-which is M1 figure!!

  15. I think yamaha say 197 at the crank for the 15+. I’ve yet to put mine on and see though, most manufacturers tend to inflat the figures

  16. My 14b was dynoed at 177 rwhp with full exhaust system,air filter and p commander 5,maybe an enthusiastic reading but not bad,my 2cr is 198 rwhp with same mods except re flashed ecu.Tho it’s not always about power with the crossplanes its the delivery and noise of it

  17. 130 is a silly low figure tho

  18. That’s R6 power output at 130

  19. My old 2000 5JJ has 136.
    130 for a cross plane seems very wrong.

  20. 160 standard.
    Mine was on the dyno at the start of the year.
    It’s got a full ti-akro race system. Pete Beale engine with a ported head, race genny and a blue printed bottom end. Only pumped out 186. They are not a powerful standard engine.

  21. Less power then most thous but It can hold on close enough. It’s more about the feeling more the straight out speed on the r1s

  22. Some of these figures being quoted! Lol Look – gen 1 cross planes do not make more than genuine 160-Ish u0040 rear wheel unless engine work has taken place. They don’t make big end power – it’s all about the low down grunt. #dynolottery

  23. My 2009 on JHS dyno ran 155 ,with akka cans ,decat and air filter.They don’t make big power,but they’re bloody quick

  24. Good smooth power delivery if it’s been mapped good torque from low down
    Not much top end power compared to the new R1 or the new zx10 or any new regular firing inline 4

  25. all about power delivery, the torque is mental..

  26. So, ive a 2016 R1 & a 2017 S1000XR. Quoted manufacturer figures are 197 for the R1 and 165 for the Beemer (agreed that they are likely inflated). Most real world figures I’ve seen for the Beemer stock are 160 ish (never tested mine as I’m not that concerned with actual figures as I’m all road use so far), but it feels slow in comparison to the R1. R1 just pulls and doesn’t let up so suggesting an extra 30+ ponies over the Beemer isn’t unreasonable.

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