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Question when starting my 2009 R1 there is a heavy clanking sound like there’s no oil and then goes away, the dealer said that this is normal for this year R1 something to do with the timing chain. Anyone else have this similar sound when starting? TIA

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  1. Cam chain tensioner

  2. It is normal
    but it’s an easy fix
    I almost had a heart attack the first time I heard mine

  3. Hydraulic CCT will do that. If you swap it out for a manual CCT you won’t have that problem anymore

  4. What he said^

  5. Is it something I can do?

  6. It’s normal and you don’t need to do anything.

  7. There was a recall on the hydraulic assist cam chain tensioner on early crossplane engines and its free with an appointment at your local dealer fyi..

  8. Ese Ruido lo produce el tensor de la Cadena en algunas 2009 no es Normal es Recomendable cambiarlo y solucionar el problema

  9. Yes.. CCT or cam cahin tensioner is a little bad. My dealer sait to me too like thats normal.. but i bought another original new one. Replace it and sound is gone. My opinion is that every start something rattle and due to long twrm use.. thats not good. My is quiet now and i am happy 🙂

  10. Next question is it anything to worry about? Do i have to worry Bout it breaking? Or jumping timing?

  11. Mine also does this and it’s a 2006. Is it normal for my engine style as well?

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