R1 fuel cut out suddenly at high rpms?


Does anyone know what would cause the fuel to cut out suddenly at high rpms? Was riding through some twistie roads yesterday at a quick pace when suddenly i lost power completely for a second or two and then it came back. Running a pc3, full yosh system and k&n filter. Also from time to time the bike gives me an issue to start. Clicks but wont crank.

R1 fuel cut out suddenly at high rpms?

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  1. Fuel starvation or clog in the pump/fuel line?

  2. What would cause fuel starvation? Tune?

  3. Starting relay. I had exact same issue. The relay was good but the fuse connector was a bad plug. So if it vibrated a certain way it would cut off . Very dangerous especially in the Twisties. If it is not this causing the issue. Check your TPS. They have been recalled . See if yours has been serviced already

  4. Bad quick stand switch can cut off the power as it’s vibrating

  5. Had a lose connection in my starter relay plug that was doing something similar. Would intermittently shut the pump on and off.

  6. Maybe a kinked fuel line

  7. Check your pc3 connections. Those stupid clamp style clips will actually start cutting through the wires and break them. I had this same thing happen.

  8. Check your fuel pump might need to change filter

  9. Thanks for all the feedback will check all of these things

  10. I’d check fuel pressure at different rpms…. the check for a fuel filter/line clogging

  11. Check the killswitch

  12. check the fuel line,, its hard plastic under the sheath and gets crimped

  13. Irrelevant question, but what model of Yoshi exhaust it that?

  14. Had a similar issue. Turned out I had a short in my ignition switch. Got worse before I found it and it actually cut power to the entire bike at 50 mph.

  15. Or tip over sensor , even though it works kind of like a pendulum swing it can be faulty or can stick maybe idk I have 2004 R1 I had to replace my tip over sensor bc of similar problem as this

  16. And tps should be fine check it in dionostic mode mine is dl01 reads fully closed 18 and fully open 102 you can also check each cyl and firing order as well as injectors easy fix!

  17. Loose wire fuel pump going out fuel filter stoping up u have to check all that shit crempt gas line several different things

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