R1 engine light came on after rolling burnout


Question too now that I’m here. I did a slow rolling burnout and a few minutes after my check engine light came on for a few days and then when away before I got the bike to the shop? Anything I should worried about?

R1 engine light came on after rolling burnout

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  1. Could be a 1000 things if you didn’t jot down what code it was throwing.

  2. Probably just the front wheel sensor…

  3. If its the model with tc it’s confused because of the burnout, it’s not getting a reading from the front wheel speed sensor

  4. You know,,, not moving when the rear was doing 120 mph

  5. The bike was probably confused lol, if it’s not still on don’t stress

  6. if it doesn’t reappear then I wouldn’t be concern. If there is a issue "trust me"… The CEL have a way of coming back like a bad dream.

  7. Same thing happens when you wheelie too long. its just the tc system having a spas as one wheel is moving way quicker than the other so throws engine light and normally fault code too goes away after a while.

  8. Yep just your TC cracking the shits. Same thing will happen if you idle the bike on the stand in gear to line a chain.

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