R1 chinese fairings (do they fit right?)


Where do you guys buy your Chinese fairings from?do they fit right or not really? Any good brand?01 R1

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Answers ( No )

  1. i bought this kit for my r6 from ebay, fit well, look great, i was very impressed, i’d buy them again.

  2. Ebay has a lot

  3. I know but they are different sellers.did you guys buy from China seller or USA?

  4. china for me, i’ll see if it’s still in my ebay list, hang about.

  5. thats the guys i ordered from

  6. i had to adjust a few of the holes to get perfect gaps, just a tickle from the dremal. the fitting kit (bolt kit) isn’t good enough, i have an extensive collection of stainless fasteners, so adapting the supplied kit wasn’t an issue for me, but something to be aware off. remember, this kit is a fraction of the cost of stock, but it is a very fine kit.

  7. Do NOT buy from xmotor-2008!!!
    I had to get my refund from eBay as he wouldn’t respond to anything. ALWAYS read feedback score if you buy from China.

  8. for sure, i checked around before i ordered. kit came in the time stated, well wrapped, i can vouch for these guys.

  9. I have bought a few from China and always found the fitment spot on (when it turns up)

  10. Don’t buy from

  11. I went through nicecycle.com and the price plus shipping equaled out to about what I would’ve paid on eBay. Quality and figment on my 04 is ok. Some of the paint is thin in the corners but overall I’m happy with it. Plus they do custom orders.

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