R1 -1 JT Sprocket Review?


Hey guys quick question I bought a 2007 R1 and it came with an extra front sprocket not installed. It’s a -1 JT Sprocket. Have you guys heard of this brand and if so what is your opinion on the overall quality?

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  1. JT sprockets are solid. I’ve run them on all my bikes for years.

  2. I’ve ran many. No problem with them

  3. I use them for both sprockets and their HD xring chain, 520 conversion. No problems after 6k miles and only had to adjust chain 2x. Keep it lubed and properly adjusted and you’ll be fine. I’ve ran then on many bikes without issues.

  4. JT are a well know quality brand that has stood the test of time. That’s pretty well all I fit to my collection.

  5. I’m using JT front too on my 15..works well..even my moped uses JT front and rear..long runner in the business..

  6. Jt is fine. I run jt front and rear and chain on my 12 r1

  7. Go 1 down in front best mod

  8. I have it front and rear and chain and I love ut

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