R1 09 tail fairing fits an 06 ?


What's the chance an 09 tail fairing fits an 06 ? I like the way the tail fairing looks on the 09 better or maybe total conversion ?? Dont plan on selling ever I might as well make it mine.

R1 09 tail fairing fits an 06 ?

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  1. Looks similar might work idk

  2. I believe the subframe on the 09 will be wider, from what I read you can possibly use spacers to make the subframe work then you should be able to use the 09 tail fairing and under tail it probably wont be a direct swap. You will probably still have to use the 06 exhaust. I was gonna try to do an 07 tail on my 06 but read that the subframe is wider on an 07 so I honestly dont know about an 09

  3. R1 spares has your answer

  4. There was a guy on the r1 forum that did it… But it wasn’t a simple swap……. Wait I’m thinking of the 15+ tail swap. I don’t think I’ve seen someone do 06 on the 09.

  5. If u do it send pics…wanna see wat it look like…I hav an 06 as well

  6. 09 won’t fit it’s wider

  7. 09 won’t fit it’s wider

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