Question for the bunkhouse owners


Ok domestic question for the bunkhouse owners we have a king….. any one have problems keeping the sheet in place besides me if so what's a easy fix

Question  for the bunkhouse owners

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  1. Just use two, sew them together and put a zipper for easy cleaning

  2. I have a 1" memory foam mattress over it and use a fitted king sheet

  3. Sheet or ironing board straps or double sided tape?

  4. Walmart has elastic straps to connect the corners. I think I got mine in the sheet section. Couple of bucks. They have clips on them.

  5. Duct tape. Lol

  6. We have a 2" memory foam on top of the mattress & we use fitted king size sheets. We’ve never had a problem & it sleeps so good!

  7. Use deep pocket king size sheets. You could also big safety pin them to the matress.

  8. We also use the elastic straps, has worked for years. If I’m running solo I use a sleeping bag, much faster to break camp and get back on the road.

  9. We have two flat sheets and sewed three sides. It stays put

  10. Who makes this?

  11. We use a king size fitted mattress pad and king size fitted bottom sheet. It stays put.

  12. Quit getting "kinky" in the camper!!!!!

  13. Ping-pong balls and string

  14. Where do you find a trailer like this to buy

  15. Heath LaRue craigs list

  16. If you want to buy new, here is their link,

  17. We use dispenser’s on the back side.. clips on and off for easy cleaning. They were in the closet not being used anyway.

  18. theres one on craiglist louisville $1700

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