Question for heavier riders on an 883


Question for heavier riders on an 883 2015:
I weight 210 plus gear. I ride solo.
What setting you have the rear suspension?
Is the seat upgrade worth it?

And no, i love the look of the 883 and I’m not changing it.


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  1. Manuel says 4 or 5 dots if u have adjustable shocks

  2. 5 dots, and get a better seat mustang, or saddleman

  3. What’s the handling differnce?

  4. Mine has two dots showing and very very stiff ride could I soften a little and still be OK handling wise? 215 at 6ft

  5. Two dots is for a person with less weight then you. Preload is about softening the ride more dots equal more soft

  6. Right I figured as much but thats the way it came stock so crank them down is what your saying correct? And will that drastically change my handling? Or not so much

  7. Not so much.

  8. Because I take one hell of a beating as it is now lol I understand the concept of the iron being more less like.the old school bikes and I love it but I walk to haha so same situation I should look more towards 4 or 5 showing?

  9. im 250 and i have mine set at 5 dots with the adjustable suspension,… 2017 883

  10. I’m fat…275 and I have mine at 5-6. No issues but is stiff. 17 Iron

  11. Same 2017 but it’ll throw me right up off the seat its so damn stiff. Any way to crank them without buying a spanner I don’t even know where to look for one

  12. I’m a big guy. Mustang touring seat, progressive cartridge fork kit, progressive 412 13″ shocks in the rear. RIDES AND HANDLES LIKE A DREAM!!!

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