Question about to replace my grips.


Question…..about to replace my grips. The last bike I had, I used adhesive glue on the clutch grip but it would come loose sometimes while riding and I had to reglue it several times and keep some on hand in my toolbag. Is there anything other than gorilla or super glue that someone could recommend?

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  1. 5 minute epoxy

  2. Use double sided tape for golf clubs. Put tape on bars, put a little lighter fluid in the grip and slide it on.

  3. No bull shit use clear spray paint. Spray it inside the grip, not alot just enough to make it a little wet. If the grip has holes, make sure nothing flows out. If it does dont wipe it off just wait for it to dry and pick it off after. Spray it in the grip and put the grip in place. Itll dry quick, hold great, and be easy to twist off when you’re ready

  4. Most of the grips you are gonna get now arent gonna be glue ons.

  5. I was gonna suggest hairspray. Someone beat me to it. Used it all the time on my bicycles when I was a kid. Works on my big boy bike nowadays.

  6. Hairspray …. the strong hold shit…… works great and will come off if you need it to without tearing up the grip.

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