Question about swiss mountain passes


Hi. Question about swiss mountain passes.
Google gave me 2 routes(on the screenshot) are they passable for motorbikes now?

Can i expect to pass there in a 3-4 days from now? Or should I go south through the plains of France…

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  1. As much as the road numbers tell me those are not passes but Autobahnen. Free for sure, boring too.

  2. Contact Andreas vonAllmen, bet he can be of good help

  3. its San Bernadino… its mostly Highway and also in Winter free…

  4. but check good the weatherforecast! If its snowing… it is snowing even if they clean it regulary 😉

  5. On the coming weekend weather is expected to worsen, lots of rain expected which may mean snow up there!

  6. As the roads shown are normal roads or even highways the conditions will be fine for sure…

  7. Check they update their page daily

  8. All passes open now! Tested some of them today!

  9. Snow predicted above 1000-1500m in the next 2 days. Check daily usually melts away quickly when weather gets better again from Monday.

  10. Google updates continously closed passes. So G don’t show aclosed pass as suggested route. – it was impossible to plan the Alps during winter……

  11. A little snow won’t stop you, just be careful

  12. There was no snow yesterday yet on the southern part:

  13. But today I heard in the news that some roads are closed. I will post here two links that can be helpful for you and all the other bikers. The first is one that’s made from bikers for bikers. They are attending a sort of Passroad-challenge. So there are always about 130 passroads and tracks on it. Most of them should cover your demands:

  14. The next one is the fastest one and the official site from our Swiss Touring Club.

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