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Hey quick question about Qld single seat rego as I’m having trouble finding out. Does anyone know the actual cost? And besides filling out the form and taking it to main roads is there an inspection carried out or no? Tks.

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  1. I think the main cost relates to the green slip

  2. You have to have a plate attached to bike. If you have received pegs they have to be removed. Some places make you cut them off. Once plate is attached you take completed forms to MRD and have bike registered as single user. Most of those inspection guys can be found on Google.

  3. Ogi Bear the laws changed recently in QLD, i think 2015. You no longer need a compliance plate. You have to complete a change request form and hand it to main roads. The seat needs to be no more than 50 cm and the pegs must be removed. What I’d like to know is the yearly/6mth cost of rego and if an inspection is carried out or not, online is giving some mixed responses so if anyone has done it in the last 2 years the info would be appreciated.

  4. If you mean at TMR, it is just a small fee and a form, because you can self certify now – seat needs to comply, rear pegs removed, etc. As for savings, the main savings is in the CTP insurance, about $150/year savings all up if I recall correctly. There is NO requirement for a plate to be attached in QLD anymore that was removed back in 2014. Easy as, I did mine a year ago.

  5. Rego is half the price. $460 for std bike. About $260 single seat Rego.

  6. Main problem with most bikes is std seat is too long.

  7. Just paid rego on an 09 Fatboy, single seat – $315.85. No drama to have the rear pegs removed and certified.

  8. As of last month 480 for standard 315 for single seat

  9. Mine is single seat rego, I have never had any issue or been told to remove rear pegs and seat is original my rego due next week I think about $260 single seat

  10. No platet required fill in a form st transport remove rear pegs and all good to go my bandit $315 just paid it yesterday

  11. Wondering a lot of comments said not even needed to remove rear foot rest.\n\n10 years ago, yes. I agree. I don’t even have to get rwc to mentioned it. Just fill the form selected single seat and there I went, 40% saver.\n\nRecently, just last year. I bought a pre-owned bike interstate. They said I have to remove the rear foot rest and ensure the seat doesn’t have capacity to carry a passenger. They said the width and length of the seat must be in the some cms.\n\nAnd that what happened to myself in real.

  12. I registered a bike last year as single seat in QLD. Self assessment, no inspection.

  13. Stat dec at main roads, no cost no plate fitted. Then they adjust your rego and it’s cheaper. Not long done mine 👍

  14. No inspection anymore

  15. It’s a self assessment. The pillion pegs are to be removed and the riders seat cannot be more than 500 mm in length. Paper work is at rego office. Single ergo is about $300.00 pa.

  16. There are no plates attached anymore to the bike

  17. No inspection required, onus on registered owner to ensure rear seat and pegs are removed.

  18. No blue plate required

  19. Mine is registered as a single but I have put the rear pegs back on. Part of the reason is that I use the rear peg sub-frame to put the bike on the centre stand. No-one has pinged me for anything in a few years.

  20. Did it a couple of weeks ago. Cost nothing , self certification. Dropped rego from 480 to 315

  21. Thanks everybody for your replies, good to be able to get first hand info!

  22. I did my Ktm 690 about six months ago, the seat is pretty long.

  23. Did two bikes in the last year and the dealer advised no inspection, remove rear pegs and put a cowl on rear seat.

  24. I had troubles finding answers on the internet too, and got conflicting answers from ppl I asked. So I called them, was only on hold for a few minutes, within 5 minutes all of my questions were answered. Bike was registered that day with no problems as I was prepared with all info I needed 😉

  25. Why is it only in QLD.??

  26. Need to be inspected and made so bike can’t easily be converted back to 2 up. Then mod plate issued and attached. One bike I had had 6 inches of padding cut out of rear of seat. If converting back to 2 u have to get another inspection done and another mod plate attached

  27. The main thing to remember is the offence is the number of people on the bike. So even if it has rear pegs or a long seat it is only legal for one and that shows up if police pull you over or check. Same with sidecar. Must be registered as 3 or 4 seating capacity depending on number of defined seats.

  28. This Qld only?

  29. Yes Qld only and the form is a legally binding stat dec …meaning the full legal responsibility is on the registered owner signing such …remember it is a privilege in Qld ..if you are pulled over and found to have not done required correct mods ..please dont whine when defected..and remember any Insurances can be voided in case of an accident and the vehicle is found to be non complying.

  30. When converting my bike to single seat it had to be certified and rear pegs removed just paid 12mths-$315.85 rego

  31. Simply fill out the form and go to Qld Tpt. Previous post about compliance is in here somewhere. No mod plate required, no inspection required. If you don’t comply with the seat length and pegs rules your vehicle ‘may ‘ be non compliant and you can get booked and be directed to obtain a machinery inspection.

  32. No costs to process the mod. Search for online quote tool on QT homepage and get the rego cost there.

  33. The ‘form’ is a Stat Dec ..with Legal implications if you have not done the correct required mods ..

  34. Mate phone Qld transport, get the info straight from the horses mouth, always ask who you are speaking to so if you are given the wrong info you have some comeback 👍👍

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