Putting the decat pipe on TNT 125


Here’s a question I’ve been pondering whist at work lol does putting the decat pipe on affect fuel air mixture set up with the lamba sensor I know it’s higher up the exhaust so any replies even daft ones welcome 😬

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  1. I'll just wait like the rest cheers Chris Atkinson

  2. If your talking about the alleged decat pipe that pipe worx sell, that isn't a decat at all, its a silencer delete pipe then the noise is obnoxious, way to loud and not nice at all. The bike runs no better with it on. I returned mine back to standard after a day.

  3. I like noise I also have a Ducati 996 with twin tremignoni very loud lol

  4. Well it will be more noisier, but it's a good thing. You need to be heard on the road, more safe.

  5. The only thing I know is that probably with that we will loose some power in the higher range of the rpm….

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