Purchased a 4c8 for R1


Hiya chaps, I recently purchased a 4c8, now most bikes I’ve had except a couple have had standard exhausts but this one has a toce exhaust and it’s too loud and in my opinion looks shit, I’m wanting to put a nicer looking one on and one that isn’t so damm loud (when I have the money) mainly because I take my kid out alot and we talk over intercom and it looks shit, think i mentioned that already.
It has a PC3 on with a print out for a custom map. I have the standard exhaust which I’m wanting to put on for now but the question is, am I able to just put it back on and leave the PC in place with the map on it or will it upset the performance of the bike?
P.S the toce will be for sale if anybody would like to keep it in mind 👍

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  1. Custom map, should be sort for best performance really, you may get lucky, but! Yoshi Tri Ovals are quiet, bloody heavy mind.
    Those Toce pipes will be worth a few quid

    • If it runs rough, just disconnect the PC3 or download a map from DynoJet

    • Pete, sounds like a plan that does Pete, also someone has already messaged me about the pipes lol, I’ve no idea what they are really worth over here, any idea? I don’t want to Rob the guy but I don’t want to give them away either.

    • Last set I saw for sale went for 450.00, that was a few years ago, however bling does hold its value on a 4C8. Good luck mate

  2. Probably won’t upset the performance but if I was putting the standard exhaust on is unplug the pc power supply and run it standard.

  3. If you put the standard exhaust on (with cat and lambda sensor) then just set the pc3 to a 0 map or remove it

    If you don’t refit the cat then it’ll need remapping to run properly (although differences maybe subtle).. its not that much to remap a pc3 fuelling we do it for £150 think most places charge similar amounts

    • I’ll be putting the cat back on, is setting the pc3 to a zero map something I’m able to do myself or is it something somebody with the correct equipment needs to do? Please excuse my lack of knowledge 😀

      And when you say remove it, is there anything else I would need to connect back up to how it was before the pc3 was installed?

    • Both can be done easily by yourself… easiest to leave it on and just load a zero map in.. or as someone suggested below, download a map for the standard system

    • thanks for the info pal, appreciate it.

  4. I’d be inclined to download a map for standard exhaust the 4c8 has a very lumpy throttle in standard trim and while a pc3 wont cure it it does smooth it a bit.

  5. Get your new can and get the ECU remapped/flashed

  6. I have yoshi tri ovals on mine. Not too loud but a nice tone, also use headsets when kids are on and the last time I was out I had a phone call and they didn’t hear it.

  7. Just download a map for whatever mods you have on bike

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