Pulling a tent camper


I have a question for anyone pulling a tent camper, and a cargo trailer, who carries your insurance for your trailers and how much do you pay?

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  1. Progressive covers mine as an add on. Increase about $18 a year

  2. Progressive.

  3. With Gieco as long as I am hooked up to the trailer, it is covered under my policy. Cut/paste from Gieco Q&A Your liability coverage extends to a trailer as long as you are towing it with a vehicle covered by your policy. If you need physical damage coverage for your trailer, you may be able to add it to your auto policy. Please give us a call at 1-800-841-3000 and we can go over the coverage options available to you.

  4. i have ins on my trailer its 18$ in nj the trailer is always covers by the tow vehicle but just if it damages someone else, it does not cover any damage or theft to the trailer itself, so i added it for 18$ .

  5. I too am insured by above company. Full coverage but because my bike is an insurance rescue I carry extra for add on plus passenger medical.

  6. Thank you so much for your help

  7. I use Foremost. The coverage, optional coverages, and claims service are the best I have ever had any dealings with. And, the price is as good or better than most. Foremost motorcycle insurance is sold through Farmers Insurance agents: http://m.farmersagent.com/SearchAgent.aspx

  8. It’s part of my Progressive Insurance. Can’t remember the amount it costs seperately. I negotiated the total worth of the bike including the trailer so I get basically replacement costs. Progressive is one of the few that will do that. Most limit accessories at like $3000. limit.
    But I do pay a higher premium than most! Is it worth it? Only in an accident!

  9. Progressive and my Bunkhouse is like $50.00 a year.Bushtec is like $20.00.

  10. EMC…don’t pay much. Full replacement coverage for camper…less than $100 a year

  11. I would suggest getting a separate policy on your trailer, I had mine attached to my bike’s insurance as an accessory and when I had an accident they refused to pay due to the fact that it was a titled vehicle. They did end up paying but only because it was the agent’s fault for not setting it up correctly, was a PAIN in the ass!!

  12. That is why my camper is on a separate policy. Same company that has my auto and house. Motorcycle ins is different that camper ins. Don’t ins my cargo trailers.

  13. its all what you think is worth it, my trailer is valued over $6000 and a few years ago it was damaged after hitting a a raise manhole cover and a pot hole at the same time( freak timing but still my fault) and over a $1000 to repair it and it wasnt covered, so i added it to my policy. and now in covered if its or anything in it is stolen too. my other trailers are not worth much so no ins on them

  14. by the way as for ins companies, my bike was damaged in a storm at 2:30 pm on thursday and by 10:00 am friday i had a check in hand for the cost of damages, over $2000,.. super fast geico

  15. Wow alot of info thanks to all

  16. Deb Kurfiss i agree with you. My bike and car insurance read the same.

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