Puddle of antifreeze underneath the engine. (Z Force 1000)


Ok so me and the wife was getting ready to go on our afternoon ride on the z force 1000 and I noticed a puddle of antifreeze underneath the engine on my garage floor. So I checked the radiator and it appeared to be full so we rode about 7 miles and I never seen the temperature get above 3 blocks on the digital display. What’s yalls thoughts

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  1. My 800 Z force did that, but eventually it quite on its own. something to do with a seal in the water pump.

  2. Mine does this, take the small black rubber boot out of the reservoir cap. Drill like 3 small holes in the bottom corners.

  3. This is in the front of the machine, the water pump is in the rear.

  4. Sorry read that wrong.

  5. Check tempeature sensors at radiator (if they are located there). I have 450s short model and loose tempeature sensor was cause for leak. Little bit tightening did the trick. No more leak.

  6. Mine leaked at 200 miles at the water pump. Next time look at the pass side of the engine and see if you see the clear tube full of anti freeze and they’ll be a dribble where it bends. I just keep an eye on the anti freeze where mine is no longer under warranty. Sometimes they seal sometimes they don’t on there own

  7. the odd thing, I just looked at mine in the garage 2016 uforce 800- 2500 miles and what do you know, same looking puddle

  8. It’s the water pump seal. Cf moto covered this. It’s a big issue with these machines.

  9. Mine does this as well.. Leaks from the reservoir during rides. Also leaks somewhere around the engine while running. It’s not a very significant leak though. Only had to top off my reservoir once in 800 miles.

  10. Mine did this same thing when I loaded it on the trailer, they said it was out the reservoir from when they checked fluids, but maybe the reservoir doesn’t have a water tight seal and just overflows??

  11. Look around the water pump my 800 Z-Force was leaking around the water pump it never got hot I just happened to see it one day

  12. Let er rip – keep reservoir at proper level – it’s weeping from tube, that more like leak. I added Bars Leak to mine. 1/2 bottle

  13. I just got done replacing my water pump seal.

  14. My 2019 zforce 1000 had a very small leak on right side of engine, not nearly as bad as yours. Mine was at an aluminum coupler in a 5/8 hose and is partially obscured by the plastic shield that goes over the air filter cover. The fitting is maybe 4 inches long with a small bleeder screw in it for purging air from the cooling system.

  15. Water pump seal

  16. Mine just stated to do this somebody on here said it was ok just watch it I’m not sure how I feel about that

  17. Drain the coolant, replace with quality fluid and the seal will stop weeping, is what I did, stopped the weep right away
    Man I hate auto correct

  18. I have a 2019 800 Zforce, has been leaking almost since I got it, had to add coolant 3 times now. Plan on taking it in for warranty work when riding season ends. It doesn’t leak alot, but enough to be annoying and a concern long-term.

  19. I filled the reservoir back up and rode it again. After it cooled off another big puddle underneath the machine. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to take it in to the service department ufffc

  20. it over flows when it gets hotter

  21. Well guys took it in to the dealership this morning and got the dreaded news that it’s gonna need a motor torn down or a new motor. Either way it’s gonna be awhile before I get it back

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