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Has anyone installed a Power Commander V? How much did it improve max speed? MPG? Reduce back fires from after market exhaust? Improve throttle response? Why did u choose this over having your ECU reflashed? TIA

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  1. flash is a better option

  2. 375 if you come up to the Bay. Theres a guy here that did mine, knows his shit

  3. Jake… How was the bike after the ECU flash?

  4. just like a lot of the other comments, more at the top end, no loss at low end, stopped the popping from the akra. I think it is a little smoother response too

  5. Dayum…
    How about better mpg?
    What is your top speed before and after the ECU flash?

  6. I havent tested the top speed, but as for MPG I ride fairly spirited and get 45-50 MPG. I havent been on the bike a lot recently due to my arm but I am not sure if my MPG has improved or worsened. I do like to rev the engine quite a bit with the akra exhaust

  7. Ok…like Rev mine too! But no more Backlash?

  8. It won’t improve top speed because US models have a limiter. It won’t help with the back firing either if u have an exhaust. The backfire is a result of the AIS (air induction system). You have to get block off plates to stop the back fires. A ECU flash can remove the limiter and disable the AIS with out block off plates. 2wheeldynoworks charges about $300 for a flash whereas the PC is usually more plus you have to install it. Flash is a WAY better option

  9. Boom! Best answer so far and the MOST AFFORDABLE too! Thank you so much, Lan

  10. You won’t regret it. There is a step by step guide on FJ-09.org to remove panels and tank to get to ECU. Should only take about 45 minutes

  11. Silly question from a rookie – is the flash something that can be done remotely? Thinking like my car that has a device to communicate with the ECU and “tunes” can be exchanged via email and uploaded. Or does it need to go into a shop? Thanks all.

    • You would have to purchase the software program which is about $400. Just pull your ECU and mail it in. There are a few companies that will flash it and ship it back the same day

    • You can buy a bike side harness from FTecu. Basically a data link which easily attaches to your ECU and allows you to flash your ECU as many times as you like. That’s what I have fitted and sound similar to what you mentioned above.

  12. And along the same lines – if the bike is “stock” has anyone used the following to assist with the jerky throttle etc?

  13. The 2017 model (mine) is smooth, and hits the speed limiter at ~220KmH. For me that is plenty fast enough

    • That is 136 mph. Has anyone taken the 2016 FJ-09 past 115 mph without ECU flash?

    • I’ve had 148 mph. Followed by a wobble

    • yeah, 225+ km/h ~146 mph, hit the UK model max speed limiter and then under deceleration a wobble! Doubt it’ll wobble now after getting the suspension sorted. Can’t say I enjoyed that speed on the Autobahn, but done it and ticked that one off – 2015 model.

    • How did u guys recover from the speed wobble going 135-145 mph?
      Get off throttle…
      Rear brake 1st?

    • For me: setting the front preload higher (more rake), more stability. No wobble up or down

    • Kevin easy to say, more difficult when it’s happening. Don’t tense up. I seem to remember I leant forward to put more weight on the front, didn’t use any brake – the wobble didn’t last long. It was induced because I got off the throttle fairly quickly. As Rene says, the cure is to correctly adjust the suspension.

  14. For 235£ I can buy 44 gallons of fuel and burn it over 1950 miles.

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