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Has anyone installed a Power Commander V? How much did it improve max speed? MPG? Reduce back fires from after market exhaust? Improve throttle response? Why did u choose this over having your ECU reflashed? TIA

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  1. flash is a better option

    • Why is that? Cheaper too?

    • piggy back systems are less effective, less reliable, more hassle.. A reflash is changing the values in the ECU, as reliable as the original map, no extra wiring, less complicated.

    • Again…another great answer! Thank you, Oliver Taylor!

    • just make sure you get a proper reflash if you go that route. Some people can change the tick boxes (decel cut for example) and call it a reflas). You want a fuelling map change, mode changes and the rest too.

    • Thank you again, Taylor. Has anyone in SoCal got their ECU flashed? Seems like a European Tracer trend. Here in the states, they tend to get the Power Commander instead? After these comments, I am going for the ECU flash but have no idea who can do it around here. Time to visit Google and Yelp…lol

    • could always post it to Simon at Stec in the UK. He gets alot of them posted from overseas he was telling me

  2. 375 if you come up to the Bay. Theres a guy here that did mine, knows his shit

  3. Jake… How was the bike after the ECU flash?

  4. just like a lot of the other comments, more at the top end, no loss at low end, stopped the popping from the akra. I think it is a little smoother response too

  5. Dayum…
    How about better mpg?
    What is your top speed before and after the ECU flash?

  6. I havent tested the top speed, but as for MPG I ride fairly spirited and get 45-50 MPG. I havent been on the bike a lot recently due to my arm but I am not sure if my MPG has improved or worsened. I do like to rev the engine quite a bit with the akra exhaust

  7. Ok…like Rev mine too! But no more Backlash?

  8. It won’t improve top speed because US models have a limiter. It won’t help with the back firing either if u have an exhaust. The backfire is a result of the AIS (air induction system). You have to get block off plates to stop the back fires. A ECU flash can remove the limiter and disable the AIS with out block off plates. 2wheeldynoworks charges about $300 for a flash whereas the PC is usually more plus you have to install it. Flash is a WAY better option

  9. Boom! Best answer so far and the MOST AFFORDABLE too! Thank you so much, Lan

  10. You won’t regret it. There is a step by step guide on FJ-09.org to remove panels and tank to get to ECU. Should only take about 45 minutes

  11. Silly question from a rookie – is the flash something that can be done remotely? Thinking like my car that has a device to communicate with the ECU and “tunes” can be exchanged via email and uploaded. Or does it need to go into a shop? Thanks all.

    • You would have to purchase the software program which is about $400. Just pull your ECU and mail it in. There are a few companies that will flash it and ship it back the same day

    • You can buy a bike side harness from FTecu. Basically a data link which easily attaches to your ECU and allows you to flash your ECU as many times as you like. That’s what I have fitted and sound similar to what you mentioned above.

  12. And along the same lines – if the bike is “stock” has anyone used the following to assist with the jerky throttle etc?

  13. The 2017 model (mine) is smooth, and hits the speed limiter at ~220KmH. For me that is plenty fast enough

    • That is 136 mph. Has anyone taken the 2016 FJ-09 past 115 mph without ECU flash?

    • I’ve had 148 mph. Followed by a wobble

    • yeah, 225+ km/h ~146 mph, hit the UK model max speed limiter and then under deceleration a wobble! Doubt it’ll wobble now after getting the suspension sorted. Can’t say I enjoyed that speed on the Autobahn, but done it and ticked that one off – 2015 model.

    • How did u guys recover from the speed wobble going 135-145 mph?
      Get off throttle…
      Rear brake 1st?

    • For me: setting the front preload higher (more rake), more stability. No wobble up or down

    • Kevin easy to say, more difficult when it’s happening. Don’t tense up. I seem to remember I leant forward to put more weight on the front, didn’t use any brake – the wobble didn’t last long. It was induced because I got off the throttle fairly quickly. As Rene says, the cure is to correctly adjust the suspension.

  14. For 235£ I can buy 44 gallons of fuel and burn it over 1950 miles.

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