Power commander on a Big Bang 14b


Anybody running a power commander on a Big Bang 14b and are they worth the money?

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  1. I sent mine off years back, a lot cheaper and good results. If you’re running a pre programmed without dyno save your money and get it posted

  2. I have and great

  3. flash over pc all day

  4. there’s only one man to flash your r1 he’s in USA but an ecu god

  5. I would reccomend going a custom map with pc or ecu on a rolling road. Not generic map (if you want the best set-up)

  6. Cheers for all the input guys
    I might consider a remap then?
    I was only asking about the power commander as I can get a used one for u00a3110

  7. Intristing was gonna get pcv but ..I think I’ll leave as is and stick only with getting quick shifter. I have friends with big bang and fully loaded and it’s all about the rider most of time I don’t see much special than wasting ur money . And with all that extras they don’t leave me behind 1 bit

  8. Question r these good ?

  9. I had a pc5 on mine before it was stolen it’s good I changed the map with a generic one but closest to the accessories I had one mine and it made it so much smoother and improved the power delivery I then fitted a decat and it went back to being lumpy again but having it set up properly with 2 maps and the switch don’t see how you could go wrong! 1 with baffles 1 without then at any time you can return the bike to standard by removing it. I was planning on getting it map as I’d just blanked off the O2 sensor!!

  10. Just fitted my pc5 to my 5pw. So much smoother and feels stronger mid range. Well worth it

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