Plowed snow for the first time with my Cforce 800 XC.


Plowed snow for the first time with my Cforce 800 XC. Went well, worked awesome until my winch cable snapped as I was finishing up. Is there something I may be missing that would have resulted in the cable snapping on first use. This was literally the first time I have used the winch in any capacity. I should note there seemed to be tension raising and lowering the plow even before pushing any snow, like it was a little herky jerky and would bounce and seemed stiff.

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  1. Back away from snow pile before you raise

  2. Any pictures of plow set up ?

  3. Fairly normal. Steel cable does not like to be bent repeatedly over the roller. Best things you can do is to reduce the angle at which the cable bends by moving your lift point on the push tubes. You might be able to use a "lift lever" from kfi to help with this. Backing away from the pile before lifting help too. Best way with keeping the winch functional is to use a synthetic rope. Most reliable is probably a dedicated plow strap. Pain with the plow strap is you will have to respool your steel cable later to use the winch as a winch.

  4. There is no way you should’ve broken the cable on the first use, something must be wrong with the mounting etc. I plow with a wheeler every year and I’ve maybe broken mine once. It IS hard on the cable though, but shouldn’t break that easily. Can you pick the plow up by hand with no binding? It sounds like something is catching maybe. I have seen a lot of talk lately about using a strap, I may try that myself, but breaking it the first time you use it isn’t normal.

  5. That pull is too straight. Def get the pulley to give the winch a better angle

  6. Avoid this! Jerky is your cable not spooling smoothly across drum

  7. I went with one of these and it works good. You can find them cheaper than this though.

    Warn 68560 Synthetic Winch Cable Plow Rope-8′ Long

  8. Plenty of generic advice on this thread that is not applicable to this situation. If that photo above is the winch setup then the winch and cable are in a configuration with great mechanical disadvantage.
    With the cable leading straight ahead like that and lifting the plow the way it does, That cable is under great strain. One inch of cable movement will result in several inches of plow position change and I’ll bet that when you lower the plow it just drops pretty much out of control. No wonder it broke.

    You’ll want the cable attachment point to be much lower and or the winch higher up (if possible). Then you will, like everyone, run into the problem of the cable running back and forth over the lower roller multiple times over the same piece of winch line each time you raise and lower the plow and it will fail after maybe 50 cycles or so.

    The way around this is to remove the winch line wire rope and install a piece of nylon strap of 2" width or so with a ring or link on the outer end to attach to the plow, just for winter plowing use. That strap can cycle over the lower roller almost forever without fatiguing.
    Good luck. ­čÖé

  9. 10,000 tow strap cut in half works good going on my second winter with it on a 72′ plow

  10. Hard angle on cables will kill them fast. You need a snatch block or some way to get rid of the angle , otherwise you will just keep snapping cables.

    For my zforce I use a kfi plow and use there plow lift lever add on that raises the cable connection point up to the desired height so your cable is not at a angle. I’m on the 3rd season for using my plow and still haven’t broke winch cable

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