Pirelli Angel GT Tracer


Hi Tracer’s, Is any one use those per on his bike? any recommendation ? Looking for a lond distance rides

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  1. I’ve got them, they are good for long distance and in the wet at the cost of some grip.

  2. Good etyre very grippy. Much better than pr4, not as good as roadtc01

  3. This per should works in Israel the temperature is about 25-34 degrees in the summer and 7-16 degrees in the winter so is it still the best choice for me?

  4. To last a long time, yes I would say so

  5. love them.. used them on monster too.. great grip and good grip in all conditions.. ­čÖé

  6. I had them on my last bike, an ER6N. Then I switched to Metzeler M7RR. Bought my Tracer with Battlax on them… switched them out very quickly. Guess what for? Pirelli Angel GT.\n\nWhy? Out of the 3 different brands/models I’ve tried the Angels have proven to be the best for me. They’re very grippy, very confidence inspiring and they’re better in the wet than the Metzelers were by a nhoticable margin. I probably won’t bother buying anything else from here on in, not until they’re superseded by something better, like the Angel ST before them.

  7. yes, great set of tires!!! highly recommended

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