Pickle juice for hydration?


Question Has anyone tried pickle juice for hydration?

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  1. And it makes a fine martini!

  2. Personally I prefer olive juice.

  3. To reduce cramping

  4. Works for me in keeping the leg cramps away.

  5. I bring a little bottle in my jersey on big rides!

  6. x3Cx3C huge fan of pickles and cramp relief

  7. Thats a new thing

  8. hell yes, where you been.

  9. I have used it for recovery.

  10. All the time

  11. Not for hydration as it technically dehydrates you. It does work amazingly well as a cramp bandaid. Mustard, vinegar and lemon juice work as well. Ive been using it for years but only recently found out that you dont even have to swallow it. The cramp fix is actually a neurological response. You can just hold a few ounces of it in your mouth keeping it in contact with the roof of your mouth until the cramps stop.

  12. Pickled chilli juice , hits the spot and does the job

  13. no way it would beshit juice

  14. To be honest not really big on pickels so no

  15. Helps with hydration by replacing electrolytes .
    Used for hangovers by many for years …

  16. here in East Europe you can buy pickles and sourkraut at any and al lmarkets, in big barrels/vats, they weigh out as much as you want and ask if you want juice too. Some ppl buy just the juice for soups or watever.. I have seen ppl drink it hter,e on the spot, especially on pouling hot days, in factd in former Soviet Union countries I have seen the vendors offering cups if you just want a cup of juice for a quick, healthy pick-me up!

  17. Not for hydration but for cramps ? Yes

  18. No but believe it helps with cramp?

  19. Anti-cramp agent….great for century rides.

  20. Not for hydration but definitely to help against cramping. It works. But be prepared for some indigestion issues later.

  21. Works, but as a suppliment… Helps but you still need water

  22. Works like a charm!

  23. Yes and it works!

  24. No, far too salty for someone like myself who suffers from kidney stones and excessive salt contributes to the formation of them.

  25. Absolutely, pickle juice first and after the ride and water and/or pedialite for hydration during long hot day rides (or any exercise really) I also supplement it with coconut water for sugar during long and/or after long rides.

  26. I used it during hotter n hell 100. Helps but must mix It water. Or it will work. The opposite for you

  27. During the race they had vats of dill pickle slices and fruit. Plus water

  28. Use for muscle cramping. Works great

  29. Bleah. How about pineapple juice? ­čÖé

  30. Try bread and butter pickle juice. It's sweeter.

  31. How much/often would you need to use the juice biking a 25+ miler in 90 degree weather with the hills of Maine?

  32. Would eating the pickle be just as good as just the juice? Does it hav Keto be dill pickle juice?

  33. I was on a long ride once and asked EMS if it really makes a difference! They said yes it does help and it really helps with cramping. (Eating pickles does work also)

  34. Only for hangovers lol

  35. Use it all the time and yes it works.

  36. Works great for cramps.

  37. I hear its supposed to be awesome

  38. Works great but don't drink too much.

  39. Only in martinis oh wait that olive juice

  40. Decent whisky chaser as well lol

  41. Works great to cure dehydration

  42. Worked for me today

  43. Awesome when you get a cramp, instant cure

  44. For cramps

  45. It's amazing in small doses, straight from the jar!

  46. Drink it when you start to camp. Beet juice for blood oxegan

  47. Yes it's pure sodium so it will allow your body to retain and absorb more water with that comes many benefits as stated above,

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