People asking for wheelies when riding?


Anyone else have people asking for wheelies when riding? Had like three people this week. I guess people think because it’s a dirt bike? #cantgetitup #itstoosmall #idontknowwhatimdoing

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  1. All the time, lol they think dirt bike = wheelie especially little kids when they see u ride

  2. Same here and I can't wheelie and I'm not about to embarrass myself in the middle of traffic

  3. Give the people what they want!!

  4. Every single boy and teenager are asking for wheelies all the time! And me too, #idontknowwhatimdoing Maybe with a 42T in the rear with my actual front 13T it would be easier but entho, I way too much afraid of dropping it!

  5. Amish kids always want wheelies

  6. I get it all the time, on my crf250l and my Ktm's. I just ignore them.

  7. It's easy just sit further back and keep your foot on the rear brake pedal

  8. Yes all the time!

  9. Truckers it's the horn, bikers (except cruisers) it's a wheelie, hot-rods it's a burnout. Say what you will, the world likes a show ! I get excited if I smell a vehicle burning race gas !

  10. Yes, all the time. I told a guy the other day, because I was sick of the question: "I'm not really a wheelie type guy. It's a good way to get broken bones and skin grafts, and I'm not really in the market for either"

  11. Sometimes I'll try but usually im going too fast (cant get it up in 3rd-6th).

  12. I'm a show off so I'll wheelie for anyone if I'm pretty sure cops aren't around.

    I had a guy in a minivan with his kids giving me the hand gesture (tilting his hand back out the window) – I didn't disappoint.

  13. I can't leave my house without someone asking for a wheelie.

  14. You don't wheelie for the kids?! Just a quick clutch dump will have em cheering

  15. I just give them what they want unless I'm going faster than 40 haha Then it's not happenin. People are always asking for wheelies.

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