Parking breaks on a 2012 Can Am Spyder RSS


I got a question does any body here know

How can I adjust the parking breaks on a 2012 can am spyder rss. That can tell me

Every time I put the parking breaks the pedal go all the way down and the bike still moves. Thanks

Parking breaks on a 2012 Can Am Spyder RSS

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  1. Go to join the group ( free) search on the forum or go to YouTube and there are hundred of videos on any king of repair you can think of for Spyders.

  2. Right hand side of the bike towards the back. There’s a black cylinder looking thing. Right there is a screw you can adjust. With the brake off. Back off the back screw a few turns and tighten up the right. Press the brake and try to move the bike. If it moves turn the screw a couple more times until it holds

  3. Look’s like mine

  4. It’s one of them things that is easy when someone shows you but to explain here is not so easy do what Desi Mora about says that’s how I done mine.

  5. Very great full for the info

  6. It it’s a manual shift then really no need to ever use it.. just park in gear. I removed mine.
    But if you have the Semi-Auto you’ll need to adjust it.

  7. Some owners started carrying little plastic wheel chokes and putting them behind and in front of the wheels. Real modern technlogy designed by #BRP!

  8. Todd Dellinger

  9. Try adjusting the brakes instead. Breaks don’t adjust.

  10. Rear brake has an adjustment for the parking brake. Best is to you tube this.

  11. Thank you everyone!!

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