Paraguard IUD and low dose hormonal BC pills at the same time?


Hypothetical post – could one use a paraguard IUD and low dose hormonal BC pills at the same time? The paraguard is my favoured bc option, but the heavier and more painful periods are not!

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Answers ( No )

  1. Taking pills at different times will not help with your horrible periods nope. Especially progestin only pills.

  2. I understand that Juliet. But I still took the pill as a second form for the same reason.

  3. Its double hormones but i have horrible periods to begin with, and estrogen pills dont work with my body. And i dont always take them at the same time

  4. Okay but Paragard and Mirena are NOT the same…

  5. Jay Biggs no not yet! It's just speculation. I was wondering if there was a way to have the paraguard plus the added benefits of the pill (less painful periods mainly!)

  6. Maybe it's an Estrogen pill? Like the one they prescribe for irregular bleeding on the rod I believe.

  7. If your like me Victoria, I can't remember to take the pill on time daily so its not an effective form but I have taken it as a double before when I was on paragaurd to stop the bleeding

  8. Sounds not that great to double dose on hormones. If you really are on a combined pill AND the Mirena – then it kinda begs the question, why not just have the Mirena removed and stick to the combined pill?

  9. Roz Thompson yes she did n yes i am. I had alot of break thru bleeding that lasted for months so she gave me a pill to take and it works…

  10. But the levonorgestrel makes shorter and lighter periods! I've only had 2 periods since insertion in August. Doooo it.

  11. Victoria Greene you are on two types of hormonal contraception?! Did your doctor give the all clear for that? O.o

  12. Im on the mirena with a added pill for bleeding

  13. It's just the paraguard is extremely effective, but the side effects are not for me! I'd do Mirena or Skyla but again, I'm more worried about painful irregular periods, especially since my natural cycle sucks!

  14. I mean you could but then I don't know the Paraguard would be rendered kinda pointless.

    What about Mirena or Skyla? Have you seen the size of Paraguard anyways? They are ginormous. No me gusta.

  15. Hmm, I have never heard of someone wanting to do that! Thats the one reason I didnt choose paragaurd, just went right to the pill! but maybe you can do that, Im sure a doctor could answer that easily.

  16. In theory, that should be fine. I can't find any literature on it though. Definitely a question for the doctor!
    There's a reddit thread about it here:

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