Painting the trailer in the next week


Well, paint is ordered, will be painting the trailer in the next week or so. question now is what design to do. What do you all think, top to bottom 1-2 or 3.? BTW, the fenders will be painted to match the front fender of the CVO. Bushtec hitch will be here in 3-4 days. Lookin forward to a fun camping summer, plan on being back around OK and maybe points east, Might see some of you on the road πŸ™‚

Painting the trailer in the next week

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  1. one and paint the fenders yellow too

  2. three and paint the fenders yellow

  3. thanks Pete and yep the fenders will match the front fender on the bike

  4. I prefer #1. Not sure why but after looking at each of them a while I just gravitated to #1. That being said they are all nice and whichever you choose will look great.

  5. thanks Nancy, yes Sheila and i will be happy with any of them. just cant make up my mind, and the paints on its way soo……. πŸ™‚

  6. #1. Seems to flow better with the paint on the bike.

  7. #1 and paint the center of the fenders like the front fender on the Limited

  8. I think number one straight line matches the bags on the bike yellow fenders and 10 inch dot rated golf cart rims and tires

  9. I like 3… did you do this? I want do my the silver on my bike…but wanna see what it would look like first

  10. Jim Beilfuss. Sheila did on a online paint/pic program called IMIKIMEE on the pc. its not an easy program to use, but she is really good at it.

  11. 3 all the way.

  12. I sure appreciate all the comments πŸ™‚

  13. I’d offer one more, entire lid of unit yellow, with your French detail on the front, change to 12" tires. I just built and towed my HF trailer 1600 miles. No problems. Seeing your paint scheme, I may just modify mine a bit as well. Solid black to match my bike, is a BIT hot inside to pod.

  14. Jerry Murray, thats one of the other options i thought of and just run the silver stripe along the very bottom of the top.. I think i’ll run these wheels this summer and see how they work out. i like the trlr black but there are so many. i ‘ll like it better if it matches the bike πŸ™‚

  15. You can check the sidewall of the tire, it will give you the load and speed rating to check. Mine came from HF at 75 mph rating. I was surprised, and pleased. Set the tire pressure at 32 psi. And will probably remove one leaf spring. It came with 3.

  16. Mine is all black…You have inspired me Rick Tucker… You can check some pics of mine on my page.

  17. Jerry Murray yep i removed one leaf also and did all the other things suggested by other tag-along owners. leds, bearings and such. im sure its going to be fine πŸ™‚

  18. Martin Warriner yours looks good, I like your wheels, mine are the stock white ones painted silver to match my bikes stripe. πŸ™‚

  19. 3 looks good with bike paint follows saddle bag lines

  20. Spacers on the fenders and rated golf cart tires and rims…100 bucks for both. Watch the offset so tires don’t rub frame. 75 miles an hour and tires are much cooler than the bikes. I did shave some off the edges of the fenders so the don’t rub the tires.

  21. so. you didnt have to rise the pod at all for clearance? good thinkin there πŸ™‚ I dont want the trlr higher because of wind and stuff.

  22. Only a 34 in spacer between the fender and bracket. Of course longer bolts.

  23. I know whichever one you do, we’re going to love it. Feeling blessed..for such a wonderful, and talented man.. u003C3 … Even tho I had to paint it in image software. Thanks to everyone for your opinions. Ok, are we ready to go yet Rick Tucker??? lol

  24. Lookin’ good!

  25. Hey Sheila can you plz PM me…..I found the imikimi but for the life of can’t figure it out.

  26. OH, sorry, #1 has my vote!

  27. You are going to run the center of the tires bald at 32 lbs. I wore the center of mine out going to Phoenix and back 3,000 miles. The next pair, I put on I lowed the air pressure to 20 and my tires wore evenly and I got 5500 out of them. Nothing wrong with 8 inch tires and wheels. Wheel covers are available, but limited in style due to the depth of the rim. I like the color match. I think any of the options are good.

  28. Thanks Lawrence Lee 20lbs it is. and i do have a spare. πŸ™‚

  29. Lower air may give a more even wear pattern but not necessarily more miles. I run 30 psi on a HF tag along about 270 GVW and have never gotten less than 12 K out of a set of tires even the cheap one that came with it. Has to do with the rolling resistance of the tire and flex.

  30. I’m going with 30 psi. Tried it at 25, tires got warm. 30 they stayed cool. 40 psi it bounces.

  31. Thanks for the PSI info, I dont plan on loading it heavy, but we all know how plans go out the window at times πŸ™‚

  32. I put 1600 miles on it last wknd. At 30 tires were cool, as we’re bearings. Loaded at around 350# total. Pulls great at up to 83, per my gps. πŸ˜‰ TX has fast roads.

  33. sounds good Jerry Murray, i like that these trlrs are so light. still take alot and keep the weight down, my hitch should be here friday, I’m anxious to go for a test drive, think i’ll try it empty first just to get a feel for it.:)

  34. If it’s empty, ride slow. you need tongue weight on these babies to keep them on the straight and narrow. .02 And I tried it, prolly won’t do it again either.

  35. Jerry Murray, I was thinking of that today, Ill make sure i have tongue weight, just probably not the full load ill have when camping

  36. My vote would be 1 or 3 . . . .

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