Painting Can Ams


Hello All – I have been riding my 2019 RT Limited for just over a year. I have had it since it was brand new and I rode it off the lot with just 1 mile on it. My question for the group is there any where that specializes in painting Can Ams? Mine is a simple solid gray and I am looking to do something breast cancer awareness related. (Pinks, silver, pink stripes and/or awareness ribbon). So looking for examples of those folks who have had custom paint jobs and places where you would recommend. I live in the mid west (Omaha, Ne) and I am more than willing to go to a highly recommend place out of state if needed. Included is a pic of my can am baby and my fur babies who also love to ride with me. PS my fur babies love to ride and have Rex specs and car harnesses attached to their seat to keep them.

Painting Can Ams

Painting Can Ams

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  1. This is a graphics kit I got off of ebay put it on myself its wife bike she loves it my be worth looking into doing something like this

  2. Sue Hopper is an amazing painter

  3. Check and see who does wraps in that area..they can be pricey for the whole bike (1,500 to 1,800 here in Ohio) but a kit with a few pieces would cut the cost.

  4. Check out my work. I’m only 4 hours from Omaha, east on 34, Lockridge Iowa. Heres one I did a couple weeks ago

  5. My son had Plasti dipped his bike suggested I do that. You can do it yourself or pay and if you don’t like it, you can peel it off

  6. Look at wrap my Spyder website

  7. Decals if you don’t want a wrap.

  8. Greetings from the Olbiker in NC

  9. Too far for you just showing her to ya

  10. Check out Lettersmith Sign & Decal in the Kansas City area. Roger and Mikki just did a total wrap on Spyder and it was amazing.

  11. Go with decals, like a car wrap.

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