P-Tech skid plate with pipe guard on X Trainer


Have what could be a dumb question but I'm installing my p-tech skid plate with pipe guard on my 18 xtrainer and it came with to larger size hose clamps and I'm not sure what they are for?

P-Tech skid plate with pipe guard on X Trainer

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  1. Maybe to secure the pipe-guard on the actual pipe? Dunno, just saying…

  2. They are for pipe to guard, I don’t run them, I like the little bit of gap to let it flex a little so it doesn’t put pressure on the pipe with every hit and fatigue pipe mounts etc

  3. Yo no los he puesto asu00ed el escape tiene vibraciu00f3n y no va ru00edgido, has comprado el cubre bieletas de esta misma marca? Se acopla a la perfecciu00f3n

  4. Yeah I’ve done 200 miles without those on so I wouldn’t worry about it! My centre bolt mount failed today tho so I’d second the bolt and nylock change.

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