Options for winter riding upgrades?


Options for winter riding upgrades? Heater? Full doors? Anyone else here ride in the north? 2020 800 trail.

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  1. Full windshield, full doors, rear window. Stays pretty toasty.

  2. Looking for upper canvas for my aftermarket doors on my 16′. Only can find for 2019 model.

  3. A windshield and good winter close
    Thats how I ride in winter

  4. Just got back from riding in Birchwood Wisconsin.

  5. We ride with full windshield face mask and heated vest if it’s that cold

  6. Doors. Full windshield. Heated seats. We ride all winter.

  7. Last year here in Maine iput tracks on mine did not have doors yet but we stayed pretty warm with just the engen heat coming in this year I added the door inserts I think this will do

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