One Person Motorcycle Camping Tent Suggestions


Looking for a lite weight tent for 1 person . has to be price friendly. any suggestanes

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  1. I bought this one at Target 2 years ago for under $20. It has worked great and fits in my saddlebag. It’s a 2 person.

  2. Got mine at the army surplus store, stood up to 80 mph winds while at Sturgis. I find most military stuff is made to be compact and stand up to abuse.

  3. Go with army stuff if ya can find it (army surplus or eBay) also… go with a 2 man. Never I repeat NEVER a 1 man tent. Walmart has some cheap 2 man tents but their not much good.

  4. Make sure it’s long enough. Most one-person tents are for short people.

  5. Just camped in mid October…bought the Hooligan2 for under $50 on Amazon. 2 man with a bathtub bottom recommended by some on this page. Grandson and I set up in the rain on a slight incline. Rained for 48 hours and also withstood a wind advisory..we stayed dry and the tent held up with no issues…

  6. I spent about $20 on a two-man tent on eBay several years ago and have used it consistently. It fits me and all my gear and the quality wasn’t too bad be there for the price.

  7. Check out they have the Solitare tent for $26. Its small but well made and very lite weight. Look at the all but if you want a very lite weight tent it may be the way to go.

    • Just what i have been looking 4. just ordered one. thanks. that solves my last item for my move to ar. in may 2018¬†corrected contacted them. bill guy in caharge said it was an emergancy bivy. i would be the last tent he would use. not for everday use. canceled order.

    • It just depends on what you want. I have it as my small ultra lite weight tent I have a Big Agnes Copper spur 2 as my small mid weight and I have a Redverz as my big tent all 3 have a purpose. The Solitare is very small but still a great little tent.

  8. I got the eureka 2 man tent for my cross country trip this past summer, will fit 2 people with some gear. is awesome for just 0ne person and all your gear.

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