Once again radiator clogged job done!


Once again radiator clogged job done 4 times I'm tired guys. I have two options no more deep mud ride or get a radiator relocation kit what you guys think??????

Once again radiator clogged job done!

Once again radiator clogged job done!

Once again radiator clogged job done!

Once again radiator clogged job done!

Once again radiator clogged job done!

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  1. same boat here..
    thinking on moving it..
    bit with the snorkle kit in the back I’m thinking on the hood like the commander’s..?

  2. We have had the same issue with our cforce 600

  3. No more !!!!

  4. In surprised I see a lot of people on the trail with clogged rads, but my zforce never has this problem it has been through a lot of mud. (600 miles on machine)

  5. Same issue here.

  6. That’s Russia helloooo anything around here?????

  7. Seems u answered your own question stay out of the deep mud there always a way around the mud hole. The smart riders made one..

  8. Relocate it and continue to have fun.

  9. I can’t remember where but I saw a guy that relocated his radiator to the rear roll bar on a zforce.

  10. What about the oil cooler it got a be relocated too????

  11. I made this to clean up the radiator and it works great. It is a half spray garden jet that I put in the gap between the oil and water radiator to blast out the dirt.

  12. I use a good old fashion spray nozzle for the radiator, gets in there pretty good and doesnt bend the cooling fins.

  13. You can always install a push pull electric fan and mount a switch so you can blow the stuff out.

  14. I never drive mine in mud

  15. I am a avid mud Rider and have had the same issue the options to relocate for a z force suck buy a spray wand just for radiator and spray good after every ride and you won’t have a problem. We bring a squirt gun with for the emergency wash on the trail. My 800xc will get the relocate the wife’s z force 800ex will just get cleaned after every use

  16. Take one of the long Garden hose Nozzles cut the end off drill some wholes in it and flatten it with a hammer had the same problem with mine

  17. How do I keep my radiator from clogging? How is it that you have made it this far in life?

  18. I hose it out after every ride , it seems to work for me.

  19. If also anyone is interested i do have 2 cf motos 2012 and 2013 both are ex they broke down so im parting them out

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