Oil mix ratio in 2 stroke KTM


What’s you guys oil to mix ratio in you 2 stroke ktm’s?

Ed Lukosavich:

Depends on what brand you are using, synthetic will have a higher ratio, some run 50:1 all the way down too 32:1 for older non synthetic brands

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  1. I run 32:1.

  2. 40:1 for the 2012 model 150 2 stroke

  3. Depends on what brand you are using, synthetic will have a higher ratio, some run 50:1 all the way down too 32:1 for older non synthetic brands

  4. I do 50:1…manual says 60:1 though

  5. What premix oil are you planning to run? It makes a difference. Ktm recommends motorex at 60:1

  6. 60:1. About to be 80:1 with Saber.\nThe answer is not 60:1 because the manual says so. The answer is 60:1 with Motorex because Motorex recommends it to be run at that mixture. \nRun the oil at the mixture recommended by the oil manufacturer.

  7. Do you have an owners manual? If so READ IT!\nIf not find one

  8. Better get used to questions that can be answered by a manual.

  9. Bikes run differently on different oil to gas ratios. So why not do it properly

  10. I run 80:1 in my trials, gasp! Bring on the haters!

  11. Where the Rotella answer???

  12. Pezoil 17.675:1

  13. The new oil/ fuel injected TPI averages 80:1.

  14. Damn, I’m running fat lol I run 40:1 trail and 32:1 dunes. I foul out a plug a weekend on the trails though I’m a slow rider

  15. I mix Rotella and Sea Foam at 15:1

  16. Ronnie has the factory secrets. Conoco 87 octane, rotella, wd40, tiger semen, and two viagara. https://youtu.be/pOsB2nsls28

  17. Motorex 60:1

  18. Ronald, I run motorex 60:1 in my ’12 300xcw and 32:1 in the ’99 250exw because that is what the manual recommended. By your profile pic I can see that you look to be less than a year old so you probably can’t read a manual yet. Since you are a young Motorcycle enthusiast let me give you a heads up. When you ask a question on ANY group page, you will ALWAYS get 3 types of replies: 1) the obligatory smart ass remark. 2) the condescending ones by people who think that they are smarter than you are and they are upset that you would take up their valuable time by asking what is an obvious and stupid question. (Yeah, I know. If their time is so valuable, why are they farting around on fb? 3) The rare honest and straightforward answer. \nJust remember to keep your sense of humor and you will eventually find the answer that you are looking for.

  19. 40:1. Using Spectro SX2. I went through way too many bottom ends in my 125 days running 50:1.

  20. SX2 is recommended to be run at 32:1.\nAgain, it’s not the ratio that matters it’s the ratio the oil manufacturer recommends for THEIR OIL that matters.

  21. Different oil manufacturers have different ratios motorex and motul are best in my opinion for ktm

  22. I been running benol 50:1

  23. Amsoil or Redline. Burns cleaner with the Amsoil. Over 200 hours on the factory piston and it looked great.

  24. 12ounces of golden spectro mixed with 5 gallons of gas.

  25. I run 40:1 using lucas never fowled a plug and get 300 or more hours out of a 200 everytime!

  26. 1:1 and no air filter.

  27. I get it Bill😄🐣🦉🦅🦆🐥

  28. 50:1 full synthetic

  29. I run 50:1 in my 250

  30. 60:1 as the KTM manual says

  31. I was gonna say Rotella but somebody beat me to it so I’ll say Klotz 50:1.

  32. Am soil 60:1

  33. And the not so fresh premix goes in the pressure washer.

  34. 80:1 Maxum k2 and avgas

  35. 50:1 KLOTZ with turbo blue

  36. You should mix it per the oil manufacturer suggestion. Such as Ams Oil Saber is 100:1

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