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Okay, so I need some tips.. I have a 2014 with ~8k miles on it. If i hold speeds over 160 for longer than 5-10 minutes, my oil light comes on. Anyone else have this issue? Or is it a non-issue and just something I shouldn't worry about and just ride through it? If I slow down to 100-120 for a minute, the light goes away. I was changing my own oil and when I noticed this, I had it professionally changed, but still got the same issue, so I know my oil levels are good. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The oil is circulating so fast through the engine at that speed the level sensor isnt picking up how much oil is in the pan. No worries keep on pushing

  2. These bikes use a float sensor in the oil pan. When oil moves away from the float, it trips the light. You can add a little oil to the fill line and it should stay off

  3. Where do u hold the bike at over 160 for that long of a time? 5-10 min is kinda a lot nah? Lol. Makes me feel like I’m not pushing my bike hard enough

  4. 5-10 mins at 160 what a load of old bollox stupid boy

  5. What oil filter you use?

  6. Are we talking kph or mph…? Cause there is a big difference…

  7. 10 minutes u0040 160mph would be almost 27 miles

  8. -2, +8 sprockets?

  9. These comments I guess some of you have never been on the interstate before.

  10. 5-10min straight, sounds like high rpms for 5-10min straight.

  11. Yeah I get ya man only lass week init was wit me bro man 186 held it for 25 mins den noticed oil light on slowed to 160 it went off I fink it’s the wind at dat speed pushing de oil back in the pistons . This is a problem wiv the bigger bang engine bigger bang more hot

  12. It might be oil temp?

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