Ohlins front forks cartridge kit for the Tracer 900


Has any of you guys experience with the Ohlins front forks cartridge kit for the Tracer 900? Is it worth spending the money? The rear en will get a Ohlins shock in the winter, but is it a waist of money in the front end?

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  1. Nope. Andreani, the real deal.

  2. Nope. Doing one end just highlights how bad the other end is

  3. Andreani, half the price n much better. But u need to change shock as well

    • hahahahahaa much better andreani than fgk237? go dig some hole and hide m8! there is not any similarity or even comparison between these 2. the fgk237 is track and road oriented, 30mm internals with a high end piston valve and shim… andreani is 20mm and an entry level cartridge. even k-tech ids20mm is a better quality and value….

    • Yes. But what about the price? Money/value ratio I think Andreani is the best option (road use only).

    • Mario Martins road use only i would choose the ktech option. of course andreani is much better than oem so… its a good kit. price is relevant. of course ohlins – bitubo – nitron cartridges are expensive so if budget doesnt allow, andreani is really good.

    • Giorgos, Indeed, K-Tech great option for sure. But once again, it will be better than Andreani “only” 20% and cost is twice high at least. Andreani is a HUDGE gain for “only” 550 euros. Without money limitations i would go for Ohlins. 😉

  4. Would suggest the front needs done the most, but as others have said would only show up issues with the other end that hasn’t been done.

  5. i have the combo fgk237 and ya 535. one of the best combination. there are also 3 of my friends that have done the same upgrade! a totaly DIFFERENT BIKE.

  6. Öhlins FGK237 is NLA and replaced from FKS504 The new cartridge has a much lower price. Go for Ohlins If you want performance.

  7. you can take a Streetbox set from Hyperpro, will save money and is also good

  8. Try K-Tech Suspension UK

  9. Well recognised name OHLINS in the world, perfectly balance your bike front & rear. No doubt.

  10. It’s superb. I use Bitubo which is the same level but from a different company, also superb.

    If you only ride on the road and don’t push the boundaries, the Andreani as mention will be ok, but the Ohlins or Bitubo are definitely the better bits of kit.

    The front DEFINITELY needs doing, and is actually worse than the rear. If I could recommend doing one end or the other it would be the front. But this will certainly highlight how rubbish the rear shock is.

    Have a look at Nitron as well.

    • i’m gonna get Bitubo front/cartridges too. Would want to feel the difference (!) , but alas not possible. Rear i have a Hyperpro shock with preload ajuster already 🙂

  11. I noticed some difference changing the rear.. I noticed a BIG difference changing the front. I have ktech on both ends.

  12. Not too long ago I had a chance to test ride a MT10. It had Ohlins suspension, and WHAT a difference it made. It made me start thinking….

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