Normal coolant temperature range for an outlander?


What is normal coolant temperature range for an outlander when it’s been running for a while.. I have a gauge on my radiator cap and it seems like my machine is always running in the red. The engine light came on a couple times today so I pulled the thermostat completely out to illuminate that as a contributing factor. Is there anything else that could be making my machine run hot?

Other factors were it had two adults with combined weight of about 320 pounds. Outside temperature in the 80s doing trails in the mountains at about 7 to 8000 feet elevation averaging about 10-15 mph.

Normal coolant temperature range for an outlander?

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  1. Make sure your radiator stays clean, mine run hot a few weeks ago because rad was clogged up

  2. Question on the spare tire rack, do u have more pics or a link to order it?

  3. An only be a few things radiator clogged, water pump not working properly thermostat or fan not drawing enough air to cool it down. Also might just be a dodge radiator cap temp guage

  4. My radiator cap has a temperature gauge on it. What is the correct temperature a warmed up machine is supposed to be running at?

  5. For sure make sure the rad is clean and it is not air locked (circulating wall) i know the newer xmr’s run hot, there is a waterless coolant used for racing that really takes heat out but don’t personally have any experience with it.

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