No engine light and no fuel pump


Having a problem with a 2004 Heritage. Bike shut off on the HWY. Will crank but not start. No engine light and no fuel pump. Main relay chatters when turning on the run switch. I did find a wire under the seat that got chaffed and may have contacted the positive post. black wire with white stripe. I believe it went to the map and throttle position sensor. check codes and get no response from ECM. I would be very thankful for any help.

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  1. Blown fuse?

  2. all fuses are good.

  3. Take the wire off that pulls in the main relay ck voltage if ok take the load wire off the relay see if quits chattering

  4. Disconnect battery for 10 min then reconnect.

  5. Repaired the wire that caused the problem. Now relay is acting normal. I get a bus ER when I hit the run switch now.

  6. A heavy load or bad contacts can cause a relay to chatter.

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