Nitro mousse in the Michelin Enduro Mediums



Has anyone mounted Nitro mousse in the Michelin Enduro Mediums that are stock on the 2019 Beta RR-s';90/90-21 and 140/80-18.

If so what size did y'all use?

I purchased the sizes in the fitment chart, NM21-235 and NM18-325, and they are clearly way to big for the carcass.

They are so big that the front fits and is called for a Shinko MX216 90/100, which is easily 30% larger in cross section than the Michelin.

The NM18-325 is actually bigger that the tire itself.

I have emailed Nuetech, but have yet get a reply.

Nitro mousse in the Michelin Enduro Mediums

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  1. Michelin medium is the best enduro tyre I used and i still use it . With or without mouss

  2. I really like the tire and would like to mousse them when I can pin down a size

  3. Fitted some to my fe350 they looked way to big but they go in pretty easy

  4. Return them and get the superior Tubliss system. No headaches; only traction

  5. Im not sure on the front.currently running the rear soft bib in the Michelin medium for hard enduro. Works fantastic. Mounting with rabaconda. I got the size from the chart and it works perfect.

  6. I ran that front size in a Shinko Fatty, like you mentioned. I just switched tires and shoved it into a Bridgestone M59 80/100-21. Works great. Mounting a bib is different…I haven’t mounted in a Michelin though.

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