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I just watched this guys advice about three power enhancing mods for a 300, and I had to laugh when he talked about the power commander. He said that if you put a K&N air filter on it, it will run lean until you Dyno tune or get a power commander. This is incorrect on a fuel injected computerized engine. The computer is programmed for a certain air to fuel mixture ratio. If you get more air due To a performance breather, the computer will add more fuel to equal the ratio. It will not run lean, unless you have a manual adjust carburator. What are y’all thoughts?

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  1. if it has an O2, sure. but if no O2, then the computer doesn’t know the A/F ratio and just sticks to a Fuel Map. if no Sensor, and you add aftermarket air filer, then the engine could run lean. same for exhaust… flows better and will need more fuel to compensate.

  2. That is correct….if you have an O2 censor on the exhaust.

  3. 300s have O2 sensors.

    I haven’t seen any fuel injected anything that doesn’t have an O2 sensor.

  4. Most are narrow band o2, which are useless

  5. Hell yeah it’s going to run lean, and hot in the summer and in slow moving traffic. Your stock ECU isn’t a learning ECU, it has a set value as to how much air the motor gets to threw the STOCK air filter set-up and They meticulously tune the ECU to run as efficiently as possible meaning you could cut off hole in a stock air filter run down the street and it’s going to run lean. I know from to much trial and error. If you want the performance from a muffler or an air filter, with carbs you add a jet kit, EFI you add a programmer. I hope you figure that out before you run it too hot. I have a ZX12R, you think a 300 might run lean?? My 1270 runs hot because it’s dieing for more fuel and if you have added k&n and a muffler, your 300 needs one 2. The same thing will happen, after running it, having fun in the higher rpms, it will run hot, not over heat but hot enough you’ll wish you either never changed anything or you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting the programmer. Hope it helps you, good luck and let me know what you decide

  6. So what your saying is, the fuel injection is pointless, and the Oxygen sensor is just there for looks. Is that what i am understanding?

  7. Yes any mods be it exhaust or air box changes will.need a power comander. For best results and auto tuner with that works wonders. Now on a 300 power is meaningless so you get it to save your engine.

  8. The oxygen sensor is functional to get the bike to run closest to 14.7 at low rpms for emissions. It’s not a wide band where it can cover the wide range of rpms

  9. As entertaining as this is, y’all are missing the point. First of all, my 300 is totally stock. It’s getting estimates at the dealer from an accident. I am inquiring about an aftermarket exhaust ONLY for more noise, not for more power. The point of this was adding more air does not hurt the engine, or make it run more lean unless it has a carburator. The computer will compensate. But, without a commander to reprogram the computer, it won’t make any difference in power either. It may get a pinch more fuel mileage, but that is about all.

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