Ninja 250EX Exhaust Suggestions


Suggestions on exhaust for my 07 ninja 250ex?

Jason Thom 6 years 4 Answers 858 views 0

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  1. I’ve thought about an exhaust for my ’07 250 as well. But a I’m also thinking “stealth mode” isn’t so bad either! Lol I love how the bike whines out the RPMs and it sounds like your going a 100 mph and you look at your speedo and your at like 45 lol And your not making much noise doing it.

  2. Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhaust

  3. Yea I feel ya..I got lucky on my 636zx6r it already had the Yoshi and a good power commander on it when I bought it but I was looking for one that already had work done to it but needed some cosmetic work done and dam did I hit it on the nose …my.personal best is 178 on a.public street…haven’t got to take her to the local drag track bc I need to finesh nhra license to run the track bc with hit 200 +

  4. Timothy Kochis Jr. That is not a 250 or 300. It sounds totally different. Yours is a 4 cylinder versus a 2 cylinder. I also want to hear videos. My son took the muffler off of the 300, and it sounded like a lawn mower. When I got the bike back I put the factory muffler back on. I want a little more noise, but not ridiculous sound, and obnoxious loud.

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