Newly diagnosed and still trying to work it all out


Newly diagnosed and still trying to work it all out. (a) what do I need to be aware of (b) what should I equip myself with??? Fortunately I live in Australia in a part that does not get that cold but when it does – wow. Took doctors a couple of years to diagnose properly. Any hints, any suggestions, any ‘you should know comments’ all welcome – I will listen to any advice.

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  1. Keeping warm is must …. a.c. sets a flare up and need gloves even in summer

  2. Buy lots of gloves, thicker ones if you garden because your fingers will get sore, fingerless if you type a lot, really warm and heated gloves for the winter, light gloves to sleep in when needed.

  3. Collect yourself some supply's even if you don't use them all the time. I have zippo hand warmer , silver gloves , leather gloves and sheepskin gloves. Hot water bottle and electric heat pad. leather boot (wide fitting) so you can use wool socks (try fly London brand ) and a massive fleece blanket. I also have fitted heat holder vests that are long sleeved I wear them every day during colder months.

  4. When your fingers and toes do get too cold, you must only warm them slowly as too much heat/cold could damage tissue. Glove layers helped me a lot. Also, pure Shea butter & coconut oil with 100% cotton gloves in bed during winter helps to keep from getting dry, cracked skin which could lead to ulcers. I don't find the hand warmers helpful, but know they work great for others.

  5. Heated mattress pad and heated gloves!

  6. Carry gloves and footies and jacket, even in warm weather. I have bigger problems with air conditioning than Winter.

  7. Magnesium glycinate helps me a lot avoid 12 mile nature hikes if it's in your feet or toes I made that mistake on vacation with my boyfriend at a waterfall park. Steam rooms & saunas help with the swelling during flare ups. Also too much caffeine & emotional stress is not good for Raynauds

  8. Hope Glee Glena Moore I live in Australia too – Perth. Whereabouts are you? I found out a few months ago that I had Raynaud's but looking back, it started, I'd say early twenties – maybe sooner. I don't find Australia mild any more but it's just my sensitivity to the cold. Everyone else seems to cope well.

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