New/used flywheel and the rubbers for R1


So this happened to my 08… where can I get a new/used flywheel and the rubbers that go on the back?? Thanks in advance 👍🏻

New/used flywheel and the rubbers for R1

New/used flywheel and the rubbers for R1

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  1. The rubbers are way cheaper from Yamaha and obviously OEM. I just did mine.

  2. Lol are u sure all those magnetic pieces are still there…? And not in the motor

  3. Do not buy the used one. I bought used 3 times, in the end got the new one

  4. Howd you know the flywheel took a dump? Was it making sounds ?

  5. Wow !how does that happen ?

  6. Yall know this is a common fault right? Dont buy a used one or it will happen again with time? Buy the upgraded one and replace the stator too. And for the love of god make sure you take sump off and clean all the shit out so you don’t have the head ache I had.

  7. Does anyone know the part numbers for the rubber dampers? Actually all part numbers would be handy…

  8. Make sure to buy this one, its a better versiu00f3n.

  9. Did u get any codes on the bike when this happened?

  10. What about this one I am gonna scoop this one

  11. Daniel Golebiowski – another one!

  12. Rm stator is cheaper alternative to the genuine magneto upgrade one, but they seem to not be trading till October as they closed factory because of covid ud83eudd37u200du2642ufe0f

  13. If you need one asap I have a used one that looks brand new with 10k miles on it. Wouldn’t mind selling real cheap, just sitting in the package I got my updated one in ud83eudd37

  14. Damn just sold three of them I do have a rebuilt head if anyone needs

  15. is there any warning signs before this happens?

  16. Happened to my 07 same shiite

  17. Buy a new updated design flyweel. You will have the same problem if you buy an old un-updated one.

  18. Omg so many same post Should I check mine? 09

  19. Looks like I’ll have to wait until partzilla can ship internationally. I’m in the Uk.

    All input is very much appreciated, helped me through a sticky situation!

    Safe riding

  20. How many miles on the bike when it happened?

  21. I recommend replacing the ball bearings as well.

  22. Big yikes. Part the bike out for real. Engine will serve you up a around 2 grand.

  23. drop that oil pan for sure and make sure the oil pickup screen is clean

  24. Super easy to put in

  25. Marius Giau0161tautas MG op op

  26. Me too still waiting on parts to ship from 3 weeks ago.

  27. Make sure you order the new bearings too…. don’t be like me.

  28. Common issue on 04 to 08, you need to get the upgraded rotor with captured magnets

  29. Which one ??

  30. Anyone with a 04/08 need to buy the updated rotor before ever riding the bike. These magnet fragments will end up in your bottom end and cost you a motor. And to the op I would spend a lot of time getting that crap out of your engine. Pull the oil pan and make sure you get all of the fragments out or you will end up needing a engine.

  31. Drop dealership yamaha

  32. Anyone got a good website to get the updated version for future reference

  33. i was fucked up with the same problem,i repaced it with 2017 magnet with sealed type

  34. What mileage did that fly wheel give out? Still waiting on mine in the mail, it’s been over a month now n I still go riding… I can’t help it.

  35. This happens when you run Pennzoil

  36. why is Yamaha not making this a recall?

  37. Larry Jones Sr.

  38. I just replaced mine on my 06. Ordered the rotor on revzilla

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