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What’s a good size shadow to get on to from a 250 Rebel for a new rider? 750? Would 1100 be too much too soon? This rider has 6 months experience riding every couple of weeks. Probably 600 experience miles.

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  1. The weight difference from a rebel to a 750 is 200lbs. Yet he weight difference from the 750 to the 1100 is only 65 lbs. The seat height is probably more important the 1100 is 1 inch taller than the rebel and the 750 is 1 inch lower than the rebel . The last bike I rode over 25 years ago was a 350 so 2 years ago I was having this same debate . I went and to a dealer to check out a vt1100c2 and decided to jump . It only took a little while to get used to it .

  2. I started on a 1100, but I am 6’2\

  3. I started on a 750 and within a year wanted to upgrade to a 1100

  4. 1100 is big and heavy.

  5. I really can’t tell a weight difference between a 750 and 1100 it just has more power

  6. I went opposite, Goldwing to Shadow

  7. 1100 is a good learning bike if you want to ride heavy bikes. It’s a big engine but it’s a slow bike.

  8. 750 would be perfect to learn on. Any bigger and it’ll be harder to adjust on turns and stops due to weight. My everyday bike and cross country bike is a 750 Phantom and does everything the bigger bikes do. No reason to be going over 100 MPH or 0-60 in 5 seconds.

  9. I started out for 4 weeks on a Rebel 250 but outgrew it fast. Rode a Honda Shadow Aero 750 for a year (awesome bike). Now riding a 1731cc Victory. The 750 was a great in between bike that helped me build the skills I needed.

  10. I am a newer rider and started on a 750. It’s a great bike. Not too much too handle yet keeps up with everyone and is a comfortable ride!

  11. my first bike is and was an 1100, you’ll be fine

  12. My first bike was a 125. 30 years later my second bike is an 1100.

  13. 1100 was my first one

  14. 1100 was my first bike. I knew I’d grow out of anything smaller too fast.

  15. I started on a 200xl enduro for a year, then was given my 1100 and feel better on it. It all depends on the rider.

  16. My 1100 is my first bike… She needs more jam… But I’m also 220+lbs, lol

  17. Get the 1100 they’re very stable and I started on the 1100 I’m glad I did as it’s all the bike you’d want.

  18. Yes it’s got to be a 1100, I have been riding one since 2000 and just love it.

  19. Once you see the right bike for you god will will show you the path.

  20. I learned on a 750, the next year I got an 1100 Aero. I suggest the 1100.

  21. My first bike was a suzuki katana 750. Then a gsxr 750. Then a shadow 1100. I know the gearing is alot different from a sportbike to a shadow, but i handled them just fine. So im sure as long as you were comfortable on a 250 you could go to an 1100 shadow just fine.

  22. Your physical size and the height of the seat has more to do with it than anything. Until you have a couple of thousand miles experience, I would not recommend going with any bike that you are not able to sit on with your feet flat on the ground. The size of the engine is irrelevant.

  23. Only 600 miles, I’m one of those that Think you should have to learn how to ride a dirt bike before you can get on the road, so no not ready for a bigger bike

  24. Depends on her size and weight. Without knowing that I recommend a 500. Good luck and ride safely.

  25. Rebel 250 next to my vt 1100 ace……. ????

  26. I came to a Shadow VT750C from a Yamaha Virago 535, more likely your Rebel. It’s different, but I prefer the Shadow. Much more comfortable.

  27. Lmao… comments are hilarious…. well the last bike I rode was a V65 Magna back in ’86/’87… haven’t ridden since, so when I decided to get back into it, I bought a ’98 Aero 1100… I’m 5’4\

  28. I dont understand why the hell would they even make a 250? For toddlers? Is it even allowed on the roads?

  29. Go rite to the 1100 it weighs the same as the 750 just a bigger engine.

  30. Go with an 1100

  31. 750 is a good size n weight till u feel comfortable wit handling then u cud upgrade..Ive enjoyed the 750 so much jus stayn ther for now..js

  32. I’m 5’10 and 140 pounds soaking wet maybe and my first street bike was an 1100 which at first I thought I would kill myself on but a few weeks later I could whip it around no problem. But I have rode dirt bikes my whole life too

  33. It’s not really the size that matters just find one you feel comfortable on. Be safe

  34. Id get a VTX1300. Even my 750 Phantom got small quick

  35. I started on an 1100 shadow. Never looked back.

  36. 1100 areo they look nice aint real big or to small just roght for me and my wife rides with me alot with no problem ,took ir to dayton and back

  37. My daughter went 250 rebel , 450 rebel, 600 shadow.

  38. She started at 16 ,now almost 18

  39. Go the 600 until you get used to the weight of a 750

  40. I went from a 250 to a 750

  41. Some people will tell you that I 750 gets real small real quick for me that’s not the case I’m 6ft 1in and 230 lb and my 750 pulls me around just fine it also has no problem with my old lady on the back and a duffel bag loaded down and at the same time is quite nimble on the city streets

  42. Depends on your starure vtr 600 is a very good steppng stone and ecanomical remember big bikes need a big person to handle the weight.

  43. As long as your comfortable on the bike size don’t matter

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