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Hey guys new rider here (less than a month under the belt). I love my FZ07 and it’s been incredibly fun and exciting to ride.

Only issue is I still stall from stops when I get nervous sometimes. Any tips for a new rider to help with this? I keep it in the friction zone and then push myself forward a bit to get some momentum and I can put my feet up. And then let off the clutch more and apply gas. I get nervous that if I don’t push off I’ll lose my balance and fall over. Be kind I’m a noob!

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  1. My Fz was my first bike save a 50cc bike I had as a kid. Find an empty parking lot or some unused back roads near your place and just practice. Just let the clutch out slowly and once you feel that friction zone give it some gas. I slowly worked from parking lot, to side streets, to main streets, to the highway, then freeway

  2. Feather the clutch you’ll be fine in no time ! Try starting off going up hills or start off in second to get some practice if you can accomplish that the little things will be easier

  3. Don’t push yourself off.

    Let the bike do the work. Learn to give it enough throttle when you ease out of the clutch that it doesn’t stall. Practice in an empty parking lot.

    Once the bike starts moving forward (1-2 mph). It’s not going to just topple over with you on it. Unless you force it to.

  4. Just please wear boots proper gear and keep ur eye out for the light turning red to green while your splitting lanes don’t panic what ever u do

  5. Yup. Practice. The clutch on this bike does nothing til the very end…it’s a Yamaha thing.

  6. take the msf course, it’s worth it.

  7. You don’t have to wait to get going to give it gas, you can give it some before ever letting out the clutch. As long as you don’t open the throttle wide as all hell it wont stutter and the front wheel wont come close to coming up, so don’t panic.

  8. RiderCoach here. Early in the fundamentals stage I get riders to first get used to the clutch. With bike in first gear and clutch in, let the clutch slowly out to find and fine tune the friction zone. Watch the bike “catch” and start to move forward a bit. Slowly introduce throttle. If nerves are getting to you, just keep the clutch covered until you gain more confidence.

  9. Try adjusting your throttle cable and clutch. When I first started riding my only issue was finding the perfect throttle position. Give yourself some slack on the throttle and adjust your clutch to where it pulls and releases more comfortably to you

  10. Let’s practice in S.F 😜 !!

  11. I had to teach my girlfriend Danielle Marie not to be afraid to ride the clutch a little from a stop. You won’t burn it up and until it becomes second nature to you it helps keep things smooth. Just don’t over due it and give too much throttle. Just practice every day and be patient with yourself too. That’s the key

  12. Here’s a tip so you never stall again.\nApply throttle before you let out the clutch, just enough to pick up the revs.\nThen slowly let out the clutch until you are rolling, you should be able to coast in 1st at that point.\nTrying to let out the clutch and then balance the throttle at the same time just complicates things and is unnecessary.

  13. You must watch the Bible then you can ride^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  14. try using just your first and middle finger to engage and disengage the clutch instead of all your fingers. that helped me

  15. Roll the throttle just a tad bit while releasing the clutch slowly. Also you can adjust your clutch out further to make it easier to find the sweet spot

  16. Also use your pointer and middle finger and give it some gentle love like you’re warming up your lady friend (or guy friend if you roll that way)

  17. Give it a little more gas THEN start letting clutch out slow and smooth. Don’t need to rev it to redline though lol

  18. you’ll get used to it.

  19. Practice in a parking lot.
    Give it a little gas to get the revs climbing 1000rpm or so, then let out the clutch until it starts to pull a bit.

    Then stop. Grab your clutch fully again.

    Do this 10 or so times. Then try holding your bike so the motor is half engaged using the clutch. Play with your throttle a little at this point. See how the bike reacts.

    The clutch is very very strong. Don’t worry about wearing it out. Unless you slip it for a good long time. Then it’ll heat up and wear out quickly. It’s made the same as brakes, but way more surface area and it’s oil cooled. You wouldn’t hesitate to brake for 10 seconds straight.

    If you get the hang of the clutch engagement zone (or whatever you’d want to call it) you’ll begin to feel much more confident starting off.

    When I speed from a light on my grom, I’m slipping the clutch the whole way through first gear and even a little in 2nd to start.

    Just be careful not to rev too high and drop the clutch. (that comes much later when you want to wheelie!)

  20. Main thing I find with new riders is they let the clutch out all the way to fast. Ride that friction zone till you know for sure you don’t need it any more.

  21. When I was a new rider I dumped the clutch a few times. I went onto a parking lot and did stop and go’s for awhile until I naturally picked up my feet and had a smooth take off.

  22. Get off an FZ, that you never should have been on, and go buy a 250. Ride it for a year and then you can have the FZ back.

  23. Also I tightened up my throttle to get rid of the play in it.

  24. Practice in a parking lot without using the gas at all. I can get into 4th without using the gas. Get the feel of the clutch without throttle and you’ll be a champ once you apply some

  25. I’m new to riding as well, after practicing like they tell you, it will be muscle memory. You won’t even think about it. Trust me

  26. Apply gas earlier. Biggest thing for a new rider to learn is the perfect balance between clutch and gas

  27. Don’t stress man just keep riding you’ll get it. Practice makes perfect. Just give it gas and release the clutch slowly and smoothly while keeping the throttle steady.

  28. Msf course will help a lot and just practice. I started on a triumph daytona years ago…had it delivered to my house and spent about a week in the driveway just working with the friction zone and no gas. The more you practice, you’ll develop muscle memory and it’ll become second nature.

  29. Yeah when i first started to drive a car (yes, manual) this happened to me as well.\nIt might help you to remember: In order to accelerate faster, dont drop the clutch faster! (Maybe a little faster, yes, but not too much faster and you will figure it out as soon as you get the feeling) Just more gas.

  30. Get an exhaust it helped me the noise it makes made me more comfortable giving it more gas lol

  31. I thought the friction point of the clutch was enough to get people going? I learned on a grom, where the friction point didnt have enough power to move you lol

  32. Just practice holding it in the friction zone and slowly let out till u feel it move. Do that for 20 min and ur golden. Don’t sell ur bike like these guys are all saying. FZ is the easiest bike I have ever riden.

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