Need to upgrade my existing Sat nav


Just returned from Southern Spain and need to upgrade my existing Sat nav. I have a ten year old Garmin which has been excellent but don't think it is possible to upgrade but I like the visual picture very much like a Michlin Map not a cartoon style. Reading reviews on Amazon they are very mixed in opinions. Would welcome any views from GS owners who travel over Europe. simple would be best as far as I am concerned. Also on returning I have a small oil leak from the Gator on the shaft drive would think it is an oil seal anyone else had this problem . My bike has 43000 miles on the clock.

Need to upgrade my existing Sat nav

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  1. Ive to a garmin 276c and a new BMW unit….I only use the BMW unit as it has bluetooth…if I still had my wired intercom, I’d stick with the old unit

  2. I’ve got the 2610 that I’ve used for years, I updated the maps using open street maps, got the 2014 maps on my unit for free, if you can get a 3x 4 gb memory cards to me I could install the latest Europe maps on so you just plug them in your unit,,,off you go

  3. have had good experiences with Garmin Zumo. Plotting trips with Basecamp takes some getting used to, but very flexible.

  4. Thanks Graham. Will get back to you.

  5. The new Garmin 590 LM is incredibly awesome and very fast aswell. You should deffo check it out. It works with the new new Gain Virb cam and can stream music from your phone among other things.

  6. Gain= Garmin. -.-

  7. Kevin’s question was, I think, why should I change ? Well, when I replaced my old StreetPilot with the Zumo660, after a few hours of getting used to it, a new world opened to me. Must say I am totally at ease now I bought lifetime Europe-wide maps and inserted a memory card to fit them all. Computerwise, no Basecamp here, Mapsource is still doing fine. HTH

  8. As well as using 2610 that works for me, I all so take along my Montana 650 this way when I traveling though Europe I can locate the trails to do off road on the 1150 gs
    Also acts as a back

  9. I like my Zumo 550

  10. I had the zumo660, which is very slow.. now upgraded to the ZUMO 590.. bit pricy but absolutely great and fast! If you don’t want to have wired audio, go for the Zumo390

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