Need some input. I own a 2019 Vulcan Classic


Need some input. I own a 2019 Vulcan Classic. After riding the Vulcan today, I parked it inside the garage. After an hour I noticed a very strong odor of gasoline emitting from the garage. Upon checking the air filter I noticed it was slightly wet under the filter rim. I know shit about mechanic work, so what could this be? And perhaps I need to change the filter.

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  1. Serviced my air filter last week. When i removed the cover about a teaspoon of oil ran out… its just the Crank case breather doing its job
    I freaked out the first time too.
    Looks like your filter i due though ­čÖé

  2. Pick up K&N reusable filter. Never buy another filter again just the cleaning kit. 50 bucks one time 12 bucks for the kit works for five times as opposed to 30+ dollars every filter change

  3. This is normal, it is the engine vapors, the filter is dirty and needs to be changed

  4. I have run nothing buy 100LL in my 17, with oil injection the first year and now without, it's the best.

  5. Have you removed the oil injection?

  6. 270 hours on premium ethanol free fuel no issues other then when I used castor based oil . DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE CASTOR BASED OILS IN A X. As much as I luv it it will kill your engine .

  7. I don't understand why people run AvGas… it's for planes… I run 91 octane no ethanol fuel in my 300RR, no issues for 2+ year.

  8. Ethanol free premuim

  9. Regarding your question about premixing:

    If you mean 100:1 premix with no oil injection, I don't think that's enough oil. Beta recommends 60:1 for the non-OI Race Edition bikes and pre-OI RR bikes. I run 50:1 and some are even running 40:1, Less oil means lower emissions and lower cost of operation. More oil means better piston seal in the cylinder, more power, and greater engine longevity.

    If you mean 100:1 premix in addition to OI, I think that's too much oil. Beta's variable OI rate map purportedly ranges between 100:1 (1u0025) at idle and 32:1 (3.13u0025) at full throttle. If you add another 1u0025 oil by premixing you'll be running between 50:1 (2u0025) at idle and 24:1 (4.1u0025) at full throttle. It's unlikely you have good results trying to jet the carb for that mixture for the type of riding you'll be enjoying with this bike.

  10. 300+ hours running 87 octane ethanol-free pump gas premixed at 50:1 at elevations between 3000' and 10,000'. Works great!

  11. Just like everyone says.. I run 50:1.
    90 ethanol free. I have 2017

  12. 3.5 gallons of 112 with 1.5 gallons of 93= 100. The oil tank is odd shaped and won't seem like it's working until it uses a 1/3 of the oil. Aa long as you see smoke, bubbles in the oil line and the takes some oil you're safe. Can always adjust the TPS clockwise a smidge if you don't think it's pumping enough oil.

  13. Cheap gas works just fine

  14. Thanks for the all the input everybody!

  15. Anything that is ethanol free.

  16. Anything with 91 octane, we don't have any better in my area and the bike runs just fine!

  17. Premium here in Canada is 91 and that's I've been using since i bought mine.
    Oil tank shape is kinda horizontal so you wanna hold the bike upright to check/ fill the oil tank.
    Oil consumption varies hugely depend on your riding style, single track of slow technical stuff it'll burn very little, Street riding or high speed riding it burns a lot more.
    1 L bottle late me about 24 hours (650 km / 450 miles)

  18. Get the best ethanol free pump gas you can find and call it a day. There is zero benefit to running high octane fuel in that bike. Lead content in motor fuels was regulated for a reason, the health detriments are well documented. Your riding pals will thank you.

  19. Ethanol-free fuel!

  20. 100ll will clog up your injectors

  21. I run Av gas 100LL mixed at 50:1 because my oil injection quite working at 15 hours

  22. I run 100 octane at 50:1 liquimoly oil with a mix of slow trials type riding and faster open trails. Never had any issues.

  23. Try to find anything that is non-ethanol

  24. you won't see the oil level drop just by taking the cap off anyway, there is a u bend arrangement so it always looks full, take off the side panel to check it, many people have run the oil injection for long hours without issue, including myself, just use regular pump gas and ride it

  25. Premium and redline 50:1

  26. 93 unleaded premium. No issues running OI. Variable oil consumption depending on riding. Less on single track more on high speed stuff

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