Need clutch pulled in order to start?


Hey guys I have a question, does the 09 r1 need to have the clutch pulled in order to start? I ask because I've hooked up all the wiring now the engine is in the car, will crank but isn't firing up (I had it running sweet in the bike) i have tried with kickstand switch out and plunged and disconnectwd entirely, the box is in neutral, but the wires for clutch switch are dangling and I haven't done anything with them yet so thought I'd ask here if that may be halting the progress? (The 02 snsor is also not hooked up yet but am i assuming wrong thinking it should at least fire up without it? Cheers.

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  1. It does not need the clutch to be pulled in. Did you complete the circuit for the kickstand switch by running a jumper wire?

  2. No mate I have just tried cranking it with switch connected and trying with the plunger pushed in and then again with it opened up (not sure which way closes circuit on this. One more thing, I haven’t raised pressure on fuel regulator yet an the gauge is at 32 psi which I am certain is a bit low, again, I’d assumed I’d at least get her to fire up on that but I may be wrong, I’ll be back on it on the morning and I’ll jump the connector and go from there I guess.

  3. Thank you

  4. You’re welcome sir

  5. Also, make sure the wiring harness to your coils/plugs is in the same direction it came off the bike. If it’s reversed it’ll crank and won’t start

  6. OK I’ll check that, honestly I didn’t even know the plug would be able to go in the other way, I expected I’d have to spend a little time chasing stuff after doing this, if I haven’t got her idling by tomorrow afternoon I’ll start worrying LOL. Cheers.

  7. What do u make of my disconnected exhaust 0u00b2 sensor? Do they need that to run?

  8. It’ll start with the 02 disconnected. I had a guy come in for a dyno tune on a freshly built Yamaha R6, and he routed the harness backwards which threw off the firing order. The bike just cranked. Then I looked and noticed the harness was backwards. After we ran it the correct way the bike fired right up

  9. I’ll try it man, do u mean the whole harness backward or just a plug? I never had the actual coil/engine harness off, the whole sub-harness or whatever it may be called stayed on the engine

  10. The harness that connects to the 4 coil packs. If you never took that off then disregard that post

  11. Ah ok no worries I thought maybe that’s what u meant, a mate went through hell after he did that on his zx10.

  12. Is crank sensor connected properly? That will allow motor to crank but not fire? Any codes on dash?

  13. Ah I haven’t looked for codes but funny u say that Philip, I have just noticed on the front (right side?) Engine cover, the one over the timing gear, that the rubber grommet was damaged along with the rash on that case from the crash that ruined the bike, there is one wire half severed , I have taken the case off and I’ll solder the wire back together tomorrow, in any case it was still half there but who knows aye, sometimes half ain’t enough?

  14. Yeah that will stop it firing as it won’t get its pulse to tell it to fire.

  15. I remember someone else having trouble with a bike engine in a car. The engine should be earthed / grounded to the frame.

  16. ^^^^thats another job I have pencilled in the morning, yeah I earthed the battery to chassis at the rear of the car but as yet there is no earth to the engine/gearbox. Cheers

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