My wife has a Outlander 570L


I know this one has been talked about but results are often unclear what the solution is. My wife has a Outlander 570L and she loves it only issue she has is it will get so hot on the left side it will even blister her leg, got her some riding boots, motocross style that helped but I would like to get to the root of the issue.

I hear wraps can cause other issues especially when mud is added. I am considering relocation of the radiator if I have to but not 100% sure it will resolve the issue. The question is anyone able to get this resolved? It is a 2017 model.

I also here about getting a reflash has helped people as well. What are you thoughts and suggestions to keep this as close to stock but fixing the heat issue.

My wife has a Outlander 570L

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  1. Reflash and a programmer

  2. Mine was doing the same. I wrapped my exhaust pipe from the head to the muffler and i’ve installed a RJWC fuel controller. It helped a lot, i dont have the hot leg anymore. Relocating the rad will not help with this issue

  3. Whole sale atv in Memphis tenn flashes them for 99 bucks send it in and they’ll send it back and u will have no more heat issues

  4. I added the yoshi pipe from can am to my Outlander 1000xxc and it greatly helped with the heat. No fuel programmer needed with that exhaust system and not crazy loud

  5. Disclaimer: I have a 2019 570. Yes, it is hot. It is hot because the air/fuel ratio is at a lean mixture in order to meet EPA. The exhaust heats up under the panels and the trapped heat chests channeled on to your left leg. A pipe or slip on will only provide a bandaid approach and will cool it somewhat due to less retained heat, but it will remain lean. The engine will still run hot. The fans will still run a lot. A reflash of the ECU will riches up the mixture in which will cool the engine down to more acceptable levels. It will still be warm, but not what it is now. A tuner and an aftermarket pipe will make it run even cooler but will increase noise. Some pipes are not too obnoxious, but depending on where you live may not be legal. Some states push the sound laws, some don’t. A reflash alone will make a difference. Here is one of many places to get it done.

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