My wife and I are in NEED of new helmets


My wife and I are in NEED of new helmets. Looking for something low profile and it has to be DOT. It’s kinda hard when we are unsure of the size some large are way to big. Any suggestions on where a good place or site we could go
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  1. Indian makes a good half shell but if you are looking for real low profile go carbon fibre beanie.



  4. When you figure out what size you need look up my shop. I make these.

  5. USA made is hard to find

  6. That’s awesome

  7. Bell pitboss.

  8. Crazy al’s is want my wife & I have use to be the smallest & lightest on the market but probably more know we have had them for a couple years now

  9. Revzilla has videos on most helmets. Great customer service and prices. Check out the Bell Pit Boss.


  11. I went to a mega dealer that sells different brands of bikes. Lots of helmets. Tried on till I found one that fit and I liked. Then get on internet and price at different sites. For me the bike dealer matched the internet price plus 10% off. Was happy. Before sent around 8 helmets back and forth through mail and couldn’t get the right size.

  12. I bought an Indian helmet that actually is awesome. It’s adjustable half shell and painted like Burt Monroe’s first bike.

  13. Check out Voss. I have their 1/2 helmet in carbon fiber. Concealed shield that flips up inside helmet – great in rain.

  14. Badass helmet. Super thin, DOT, and quick snap/release. I’ll never buy another helmet after wearing that

  15. Check out the Scorpion line of helmet. I have 2 full and they fit great.

  16. Scorpion half helmet with a sun visor. Best helmet I have ever owned.

  17.\nI’ve gotten two from them and they are super light weight and no mushroom head w DOT cert.

  18. Dennis Kirk. Com ,from Minnesota. Example: Pit Boss w retractable visor . In case if rain .

  19. If you are in Daytona, go to JP Cycle a very wide variety.

  20. I have had 10 different helmets in past 7 years\n The Bell open face feels best for me. Shoei has good helmets. Arai and Bell best full face. I found the better helmets cost more but feel better. Find some where and try different ones til you find your fit. Safety is essential

  21. I love my Bell that I bought at J&P while in Sturgis for the rally. It even has pull down sunglasses!

  22. 1/2 helmet low profile no mushroom look try Daytona. Full face too many options to mention. Suggest you go to reveille where you can try and return if you need to

  23. I would Like to go try on but I live in the middle of know where N.Y. not to many places that sell helmets besides Harley and I won’t one one of those

  24. Never could order a helmet online. Maybe my brain cavity is too…unusual. Or that what the Nagivator claims. Need to try them on in person.

  25. Revzilla is a great place to shop. Free return shipping if it does’t fit right.

  26. Any ideas on ladies lids

  27. RevZilla or Jafrum. You can return helmets if they don’t fit. Only a small shipping charge to return, about $7.00

  28. For full Face, My girl and I both have Bell qualifier DLX helmets with the transitions lens. Great helmet, quiet, good fit, transitions lens are the shit! Also they have built in hookup for a Sena comm

  29. Before you buy a helmet. Do yourself a favor and get your head measured for the right size and style. I was wearing the wrong size and shape for my head for years. I went to a bike show and was sized. I found out I was a medium long oval. I was buying a large and had no idea that helmets came in different shapes as well.

  30. I also had the same problem.

  31. Love my Shark Evoline, but it’s not low profile. It’s super comfortable, can be worn open face, with clear shield down or sunshield down, or both shields or no shield – OR full-face with either or both shields down. I love that modularity of it – it’s basically 3 helmets!

  32. Well I’ll just throw this out. If your going to wear one, which is awesome, look at what gives you real safety. I don’t like mushrooms either, but if it’s so small it does’t give you any coverage unless it’s like your mom dropping you on your head you might want to look at something that will protect you in a crash. as others have said will give you an education on helmets, helmet sizing and on the various individual helmets and they allow easy return and exchange.

  33. Arai and Shoei. (my personal choices) And take Candy Maria ‘s advise and get measured and fitted. The better manufacturers have various shell shapes and pad sizes to accomodate your melon.

  34. I bought an Indian half helmet. It is about average for the bulkiness, but at $80 a decent buy.

  35. Please go to a dealer and try one on , you need to ensure it fits correctly .

  36. I second Crazy Al’s all carbon fiber.\nI’ve been across this country a few times with it now.\nI promised the wife after my last spill that I would wear a lid even in the \

  37. My Arai Pro-cruise is amazing. Good air flow and DOT rated.

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