My Strava (free version) shut off during a 45 min


My Strava (free version) shut off during a 45 min. lunch break, so only recorded 29 mi. of a 60 mile ride. THE FAQ says auto pause can be tuned on or off under settings, but I can’t find auto-pause. Do I need to “go premium”?

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Answers ( No )

  1. My free version does auto pause automatically, didn't even know you could turn it off

  2. It just auto pauses by itself. Only clocks moving time.

  3. Yes auto pause starts back up when you begin moving again.

  4. I was having the same issues with Strava and switched to Map My Ride and have had no problems. The Pause and Resume are on the map screen. Also, Strava would lose signal and Map My Ride never does.

  5. GeoTracker never gave me issues. Strava was cute back when the cavemen had it….

  6. i'm just trying to figure out the 45 min lunch break 60 mile ride!?! at 80MPH average is that 60s italian bike a Mondial – Moto Morini? during rides i use Cyclemeter that sends ride to Strava after. excluding the couple times i forgot to turn off indoor setting never had an issue with it dropping.

  7. I've been told Strava works when the phone is in airplane mode and saves the battery.

  8. I've had the basic version for a year and have had this happen a couple times, just a weird glitch every once in awhile. So to answer your question, no you don't need to upgrade to the pay version. It just happens on occasion.

  9. Did you consider which cell pho e service you pay for. What do you have Verizon, Sprint, etc. Maybe it was a dead zone for your carrier?

  10. You definitely don't need the premium version to disable auto-pause. How to disable auto-pause depends on the device you run Strava on.

    I run Strava on my Apple series 2 watch and all I have to do to disable auto-pause is to go into the Strava setting in the app and toggle it on or off via a slider switch. If you cannot find that option in whatever Strava version you're using, check the help information on the Strava website.

  11. Make sure your phone is not in power saver mode, it will shut off back ground programs and shut strava off

  12. Seems like strava should be renamed the struggle

  13. I think Strava is just troublesome on days when my old phone is acting up. I have a friend with a $800 Garmin that is buggy at times too.

  14. I have the basic version, and never had that happen yet. But after 30 minutes it does prompt me that I've paused for 30 minutes.

  15. My phone died during a 12 hour hike. I thought I lost the recording. About a week later I open the program and it asked if I wanted to post that recording. I was surprised to find it. Not sure where they get stored. Or why it took a week for a reminder to pop up. But I was happy It was there!

  16. Eat on the move.

  17. You need not to go premium. It's there in free version

  18. Endomondo is Best

  19. 29 miles in 45 minutes? Maths might not be right but that's 64mph isn't it?

  20. Check again if you have the last app for strava on your phone… Near the old one, Strava develop one shortly app for smartphone… In settings you will find some options, like: Screen Display, Audio Cues, Sensors, Live (just premium) Beacon (just Premium) and Auto Pause… So check in store for this new app… PS. (Just Premium) means that options are visible, but not working in free version… Enjoy your ride… ­čÖé

  21. My ride paused today as well…frustrating! I am a premium member so don't think that has anything to do with it.

  22. If Strava recorded 29 Miles, that is how far you went – it wasn't a 60 mile ride

  23. If you have an Android phone you need to set the locating method to high accuracy.

  24. I don't have smartphone, so my basic strava comes from GPS bike computer, no pausing unless I push the button.

  25. Strava sucks… i use my state of the art app thats totally free…. its called the brain…

  26. I don't have premium and have it turned off, but my son had to talk me through doing it. Try YouTube

  27. Buy a bike computer with gps and Strava sync and never lose ride data again! Bryton rider 330 is good and cheap $100

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