My previos owner had cancelled the oil injextion system for a reason


I want to ask a question. My previos owner had cancelled the oil injextion system for a reason( safety may be). So on the instrument panel the oil light and the watning light was lightning. I connected the oil injextion socket plug and it started well. But the warning light is still on. I m riding ma bike with no problem at all. The previous owner also made some electric connection changes like manual cooling fan. Why do you think this light is on? Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you do not blank the ECU Memory, the MIL will remain on for three riding cycles.

  2. So why the bubble and no oil going in?

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  4. U P D A T E : the problem solved. I recalculate the resistance of TPS sensor for idle and full throttle. The light is off now. Now it is safer for me to do enduro.

  5. I presume you have deleted the Oil inject and are running premix. I presume the wires from the cdi to the fuel oil pump are disconnected. And I presume the plug for the oil pump does not have the dummy plug from beta to fool the cdi that that the oil pump is still connected, and that''s why the dash light is on. Because surely you would not be running the motor without oil?

  6. Already someone nailed it. If the other owner didn't do a wire cut and delete, then you have to start, rev a bit, stop engine, and repeat at least three times to clear the trouble lamp. BUT if the ire is cut but not bypassed properly, you will have to repair the wire.

  7. check the hole

  8. Un plug ecu for a minute or two to wipe fault code that is stored

  9. Save a headache and premix!! Why do you think Beta sells a delete kit?

  10. The oil tube should not have air in it like that. I'd mix until you're sure the pump is working right.

  11. J'ai eu le mu00eame problu00e8me.
    J'ai enlevu00e9 le graissage su00e9paru00e9.
    Normalement c'est une cosse qui est oxydu00e9.

  12. Delete it!!!!!

  13. I''m a #BetaBabe, so here''s what my experience is… My Man by passed the oil injection as his concern was it failing. The light stays on & we, OF COURSE, are mixing, but it doesn''t cause an issue.
    I get quite a bit of aggressive time in the saddle & have had no problems…mine is a 2017 & I am just about at 4K. I have new top end kits ordered, He rides the 300RR Race, only as a preventative measure. We both still have full power, so we will still ride until the parts come off back order from Italy being shut down.

  14. Rev it, oil line moves insanly slow at idle, it mixes 100:1 at idle

  15. There is an oil injection trouble shooting process available on Beta''s support site. Follow it. Youll check the tps readings and oil pump. The previous owner probably canceled it because its broken.

  16. Hope you are premixing

  17. Start it, rev it up high throttle, shut off, repeat 4 times and light should go away

  18. Check TPS on carb.
    Best way to check is with diagnoistics cable from Beta (came with European bikes) and a OBDII scanner.
    It will give error codes.

    BUT- it may be just the error code has not cleared yet.
    To clear it:

  19. Sell off :)). Sat kurtul demeye calistim

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