My oil injection appears to be stuck on


My oil injection appears to be stuck on. The light is flashing and it is smoking like crazy and spewing tons of oil out the pipe. Anyone have any ideas on what do do? I havent seen this this one before.

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  1. Blank it off and premix it

  2. Before it let’s you down and fucks your motor like this

  3. Yep… rip it out and premix . Less things to worry about going wrong. And you save some weight

  4. x3 just take it off and mix, 50/1 Motul 710 has worked out great for me

  5. I’d say fix it. A tiny, tiny percentage have problems with it, and when it works it gives you a sweet running bike all the time, not just at WOT full revs like premixing gives. If I raced an RR I might think differently, but I don’t, I spend most of my time at lower revs. Good luck with it.

  6. Mark Hollingsworth Ok just hook it up to an obd2 scanner and look for codes?

  7. With the diagnostics cable and a regular OBDII scanner it is pretty easy.
    If not, you can test the TPS and see if it is in the proper range- also check for any broken/loose wires. If no TPS input, I was thinking it defaulted for full output.

    I personally like the system, but I also inspect after every ride and look at the error lamp after starting. Plus carry a little oil under the seat – just in case.

  8. Call a Beta dealer there’s a sequence you have to do to reset the pump if you don’t get luck at your dealer let me know and I’ll contact mine and get it

  9. There’s an oil injection testing guide, in the files section at the top of this page. It explains the faults and what to test. There’s not much to the system. If it’s throwing a code and running at 100u0025 then your pump is most likely OK. The TPS on your carb may be out a little, or failed completely. I would be checking the diodes and condenser for corrosion failure first, then the TPS setting, then oil pump resistance. After that, check all earths are tight. Check running voltage is within spec. Then you’ll be looking at wiring faults or CDI problems. Most likely it’s something simple and might just need a reset.

  10. Theres a check guide in the download section tion on here

  11. If you go to the beta web page there is a manual for oil injection trouble shooting If you personal message me I could send you the link.

  12. Above is the group link to the oil injection trouble shooting guide

  13. I just did away with mine after finding broken wires

  14. I had mine empty the oil tank on my Xtrainer over the off season and decided to remove it and went with pre-mix. I just didn’t have faith in it once I started looking into it. Just thought the components looked cheap.

  15. Calibrate the TPS it is the sensor in the carb that sends the the info of how much oil the pump should inject

  16. Ive had similar problem last ride out, used hole tank of oil on 130 miles, going to have to look at mine to

  17. Is the TPS positioned right and connected? Did you change anything prior to this event?

  18. Arno Holopainen im going to get it out today and start investing, no haven’t touched anything or altered anything, im not the best with electrics and mulitmeters,

  19. See if the TPS is stuck

  20. This happened to me on day one of a week trip to the desert.
    Burned an entire tank of oil by the end of the day.
    I removed the OI and premix now for piece of mind.
    I believe the issue may have been related to a faulty voltage regulator that I replaced shortly after when battery wasn’t charging.

  21. awesome feedback everyone. Thank you! I printed out the trouble shooting guide and will have at it. I didn’t do anything special to the bike, this was how it behaved after winter storage.

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